The Masters (the final) - Robertson masters title

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Neil Robertson - the 2012 Masters champion
Neil Robertson beat Shaun Murphy 10-6 to win this year's Masters edition. 

The Australian reached no less then six televised ranking events finals and won them all, this one being his seventh.

After closing the first session on a 5-3 advantage, Robertson lost the 9th frame to Murphy, but revenge was coming his opponent’s way under the form of breaks of 101, 76 and another 76. They were enough to get the Aussie four frames on a row and put him just one step away from lifting that sparkling trophy, 9-4.

But Murphy was set to make a comeback, runs of 52 and 86 keeping his opponent in his chair for more than 20 minutes. The scoreline was now 9-6.

Shaun Murphy, the 2012 Masters runner-up
However that didn't seem to bother Robertson as he took the next frame, which was also going to be the last one, with a top break of 70. 

The scoreboard was freezing at 10-6 with an over the moon Robbo that was punching the air in his characteristic style.

His girlfriend and adorable little boy came into the arena to celebrate his victory. A victory of a player that has won each final that he reached, a player that has persevered in reaching his goals even if sometimes it wasn’t a bed of roses, a player that's simply a champion.

"Give daddy the trophy! He worked really hard for it"
As the runner-up we have "The Magician" Shaun Murphy who had a great performance during the Masters and who hopefully won't lose that sparkle of magic because we have big tournaments coming up and he's on the favourite-to-win list.

This, my dear lads and lasses, completes what, for me, was a week of amazing snooker, top class players and great atmosphere. Ally Pally proved to be a wonderful venue for snooker and hopefully I'll be there next year to "try" it for myself. ;-)