Players Tour Championship Event 12 - Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

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Welcome to Germany!
If you're wondering what's smelling so good, then I shall put off your tenterhooks: it's snooker! The PTC Event 12 is kicking off this Friday and for the next three days we shall be spoiled with the best snooker there is.

As you may well remember, the PTC 12 Stage One took place in Sheffield in December, Stage Two coming to you LIVE from Germany's Munich in the next days. The last event of this season's PTC series will feature the names of Stephen Hendry, Michael Holt (who's already got a PTC title, PTC 10 to be more precise), Stephen Maguire, Ricky Walden, Mike Dunn, China's Xiao Guodong, Q School Event One graduate David Grace, last year Masters' runner-up Marco Fu and many more.

Last 16 round, the quarter-finals, the semis and the final are going to be played for the next three days, which is a bit odd since we've kind of got used to see all these stages taking place in just one single day. However, since the event is a European one and since it was sliced in two, I think it makes sense to see three days of snooker.

On Monday, January 9th the second cut-off point is taking place and we shall see a new Top 16 under our eyes. An interesting note is that if Ricky Walden is to win the PTC 12, he'll knock out Ronnie O'Sullivan from a very cosy place, so that would be a pretty intense way of starting the New Year for the Essex man.

Also, keep in mind that after PTC 12 the PTC Order of Merit will be completed, 24 players that have taken part in at least three PTC's and three EPTC's (European PTC's) and that have a considerable amount of money gained from doing so, will be getting a well deserved place in PTC Grand Final that's to take place in Ireland, in March.

So without any further ado, here's tomorrow's match schedule:


Kurt Maflin v. Andrew Higginson

Marcus Campbell v. Michael Holt

Ricky Walden v. Xiao Guodong

David Gilbert v. Joe Perry

Mike Dunn v. Mark Allen

Stephen Hendry v. Marco Fu

TV coverage:

13:00 - 14:00 British EuroSport

17:00 - 18:30 British EuroSport 2

18:30 - 21:00 British EuroSport

Of course that you can see the lads in action online also, at: