Snooker Shoot-Out 2012 - Day 2

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Happy Lee
The second day of the 2012 Snooker Shoot-Out saw Stephen Lee hitting the first century break of the competition, both Mark Selby and Mark Williams leaving it and a very entertaining "clash of styles" between a very slow Dave Harold and a very fast Tony Drago.

Stephen Lee managed to hit the first century break of this year's Snooker Shoot-Out tournament while he was kicking out Ricky Walden. 'The Bulldog" of snooker ended the match on a 121-0 result, a 121 that was his marvellous century break. A bit overwhelmed and still shaking after this great performance, Lee confessed he just went for everything and that he's happy the century-break-issue is out of the box now.

Dotty is really enjoying himself
Scotland’s Graeme Dott ended his second day in Blackpool with a big smile upon his face. Now, you all know that we don't see Dotty smile very often so one should guess he is really enjoying himself. And after beating the legend Ken Doherty while hitting an 81 break in the process, who can blame the guy?

A very interesting clash of styles was the match between Dave Harold and Tony Drago. A slow player with a very distinctive managing his cue and potting the balls and a fast player nicknamed "The Tornado", were now face to face. What's even more interesting is that this is their first snooker encounter. They've never played each other in the past although they’ve been in the circuit for quite some time now.

A clash of styles: Drago and Harold
The one who broke the ice was Harold, with a break of 30, but Drago didn't give up and although only one minute and 38 seconds were left for action, he retuned to pot the remaining balls. Unfortunately for him he missed a red on 19 and Harold came for a 51-32 victory.

World number one, Mark Selby saw himself in the position of leaving the competition after losing 22-31 to Dominic Dale, the two-time world champion Mark Williams followed his footsteps suffering a defeat of 28-50 from Barry Pinches, while the current world champion John Higgins was also sent home by a very determined Mark Allen, 67-34.

Below you have Day Two list or results:

Last 64 (part two)

Tony Drago 97-0 Andy Hicks 

Ding Junhui 27-53 Barry Hawkins

Ben Woollaston 45-52 Alfie Burden

Ricky Walden 122-3 Liu Chuang

Andrew Higginson 9-74 Liang Wenbo

Shaun Murphy 3-39 Fergal O’Brien

Marcus Campbell 60-13 Xiao Guodong

Ian McCulloch 81-22 Jamie Cope

Mark King 31-39 Dominic Dale

Marco Fu 21-24 Barry Pinches

Dave Harold 64-1 James Wattana

Matthew Selt 66-0 Rod Lawler

Mike Dunn 50-37 Michael White

Stephen Hendry 79-29 Jack Lisowski

Jamie Jones 56-24 Adrian Gunnell

Ryan Day 73-23 Joe Swail

Last 32

Robert Milkins 64-6 Mike Dunn

Ryan Day 81-0 Ian McCulloch

Dominic Dale 31-22 Mark Selby

Martin Gould 56-27 Marcus Campbell

Barry Hawkins 90-0 Fergal O’Brien

Graeme Dott 85-0 Ken Doherty

Stephen Maguire 58-1 Alfie Burden

Mark Davis 79-1 Anthony Hamilton

Dave Harold 51-32 Tony Drago

Stuart Bingham 8-78 Jamie Jones

Mark Williams 28-50 Barry Pinches

Ricky Walden 0-121 Stephen Lee

Gerard Greene 69-30 Stephen Hendry

Tom Ford 63-39 Matthew Selt

Liang Wenbo 0-54 Matthew Stevens

John Higgins 34-67 Mark Allen

Match schedule for the Last 16: 

Ryan Day v. Dave Harold
Robert Milkins v. Graeme Dott
Stephen Maguire v. Barry Hawkins
Dominic Dale v. Stephen Lee
Martin Gould v. Jamie Jones
Tom Ford v. Gerard Greene
Liang Wenbo v. Barry Pinches
Mark Davis v. Mark Allen

The last day of the Snooker Shoot-Out is starting from 2pm with the Last 16 matches and continues from 7pm with the quarter-finals, semis and final.