World Open qualifiers countdown

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Going back to Sheffield
As some of the players are taking their chances in grabbing a place in this year's Premier League by playing in Essex, back in Sheffield things are pretty tense. Why? Because we have a brand new series of qualifiers on our hands, the first ones this year.

It's no secret that the World Open tournament has been confirmed to take place in China at the end of February, in Haikou. This is the third ranking event staged in China and the contract World Snooker signed is due to last for the next five years.

But first things first: we need to have some qualifiers. And so, the city that's in love with snooker (as I am), Sheffield is staging for the next four days the mighty battles of cues that will send 16 players straight to Haikou, on Hainan Island.

So, without any further ado, here's Day One match schedule:

Round One


David Morris v. Adam Wicheard

Sam Baird v. Luca Brecel

Sam Craigie v. Daniel Wells

Tian Pengfei v. Stuart Carrington

David Grace v. Aditya Mehta


Andrew Norman v. Paul Davison

Yu Delu v. Cao Yupeng

Andrew Pagett v. Dechawat Poomjaeng

Adam Duffy v. Lucky Vatnani
*all hours are UK time

All matches will be played under the "best of 9 frames" rule.