China Open 2012 (the qualifiers) - Wrapping up the first two days of cue action

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Brecel is in great form
Great cue action in Sheffield this week with the China Open qualifiers being underway as you read his lines. 

The first two days have been monopolised by a very, very revived Luca Brecel, the Belgium player managing to win no less than two matches against Andrew Pagett and Andy Hicks, the same happening for brave Sam Craigie who cashed victories in front of Adam Wiacheard and China's Liu Song.

As usual, Michael White made a nice and steady debut for the qualifying rounds crashing his first opponent David Gilbert by 5-0, while Yu Delu has proved to be a dangerous player for Poland's Kacper Filipiak and Mark Joyce.

Jus two days passed since the qualifying rounds for the China Open have started, but we have some pretty good snooker stories already with the green baize gladiators.

First stop is Belgium's Luca Brecel, the lad having a terrific start against a more experienced Andrew Pagett and Andy Hicks. The 16-year old player ended up on a tight 5-4 result against his first rival closing the deal with a brilliant 115 break to secure himself a place in the next round were Hicks became his second victim after a 5-3 scoreline.

Sam Craigie strikes again
Sam Craigie was also in the mood for winning, the 18-year old player from England beating Adam Wichead by 5-3 and hammering Liu Song 5-1 with a top break of 105. Ironically he is to meet another Pink Army member in his next match, Gerard Greene. Will the Englishman prevail another "pink attack"?

Yu Delu, the player that made quite a sensation from sending home Ding Junhui during the recently ended German Masters' first round cashed two important victories in front of Kacper Filipiak, whom he whitewashed 5-0 and Mark Joyce, whom he beat 5-2, while his fellow-country Cao Yupeng put an incredible show on the green baize beating Kurt Maflin 5-4 and the legendary Tony Drago 5-3, after practically firing in tons of 123, 118 and 107.

Still, not all the Chinese players succeeded to win both of their battle of cues, Tiang Pengfei being one of them. Although he was responsible for crashing the one who was about to beat world number one Mark Selby a few days back during Welsh Open's first round match, Sam Braid by 5-0, Tian failed to overcome Ben Woollaston's cue force that kneeled him down with a 5-3 scoreline.

No one messes with Cao Yupeng
Great news for Q School Event One graduate, David Grace who took a solid start, winning 5-1 David Wells and 5-3 over Barry Pinches, but also for veteran Dave Harold who still rocks at handling his snooker disputes, a very good example being his 5-3 victory against Alfie Burden.

So, after two days of cues' battles let's see some scorelines, shall we?

Tuesday February 21

1) Andrew Pagett 4-5 Luca Brecel
2) David Grace 5-1 Daniel Wells
3) Andrew Norman 5-3 Stuart Carrington
4) Sam Craigie 5-3 Adam Wicheard
5) David Morris 5-4 Paul Davison

6) Tian Pengfei 5-0 Sam Baird
7) Kurt Maflin 4-5 Cao Yupeng
8) Passakorn Suwannawat 4-5 Aditya Mehta
9) Yu DeLu 5-0 Kacper Filipiak
10) Adam Duffy 5-0 Lucky Vatnani

Wednesday February 22

11) James Wattana 2-5 Liam Highfield
12) Andy Hicks 3-5 Luca Brecel
13) Barry Pinches 3-5 David Grace
14) Adrian Gunnell 5-0 Joe Swail
15) Liu Chuang 5-2 Andrew Norman
16) Liu Song 1-5 Sam Craigie

17) Michael White 5-0 David Gilbert
18) Li Yan 5-4 Ian McCulloch
19) Peter Lines 5-1 David Morris
20) Ben Woollaston 5-3 Tian Pengfei
21) Dave Harold 5-3 Alfie Burden

22) Tony Drago 3-5 Cao Yupeng
23) Anthony McGill 3-5 Aditya Mehta
24) Mark Joyce 2-5 Yu Delu
25) Xiao Guodong 5-1 Adam Duffy
26) Jimmy Robertson 4-5 Rod Lawler

The action continues tomorrow with:

27) Jimmy White v. Liam Highfield
28) Anthony Hamilton v. Luca Brecel
29) Matthew Selt v. David Grace
30) Joe Jogia v. Adrian Gunnell
31) Robert Milkins v. Liu Chuang
32) Gerard Greene v. Sam Craigie

33) Ken Doherty v. Michael White
34) Mike Dunn v. Li Yan
35) Michael Holt v. Peter Lines
36) Nigel Bond v. Ben Woollaston
37) Jack Lisowski v. Dave Harold

38) Jamie Jones v. Cao Yupeng
39) Alan McManus v. Adithya Mehta
40) Jamie Burnett v. Yu Delu
41) Liang Wenbo v. Xiao Guodong
42) Steve Davis v. Rod Lawler

 *all hours are UK time