German Masters 2012 - Maguire leading O'Sullivan after first session

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On-fire Maguire takes the lead over O'Sullivan
A very determined and fluent-in-potting Stephen Maguire has taken a 5-3 lead over the three-time world champion, Ronnie O'Sullivan at the end of German Masters' first session final.

The part Scottish, part English snooker dispute started with O'Sullivan hitting a great 111 to break the ice and take the opening frame. Still, as the mid-session interval was kicking off, the Essex man realised he spent most of his time sitting in his chair.

Maguire can be made responsible for that, breaks like 130 (the highest of the tournament), 106 and 128 bringing him three frames on a row and dooming his opponent to just stay there and watch.

After the 15-minute break the Scotsman extended his lead at 4-1 after O'Sullivan missed a red on 58, Maguire using runs of 38 and 12 to get one more frame on board.

Some catching up to do for O'Sullivan
Still, the Englishman managed to pull back a frame, a pretty scrappy one, with a top break of 43. The scoreline was now 4-2 in favour of Maguire.

During the 7th frame Scotland's Maguire stopped his break at 55 due to a horrible kick, O'Sullivan coming to the table. Sadly he took on a long red, missed it and left it on for his opponent. Tension started to rise when Maguire missed a red to the right centre (aka. frame ball) leaving O'Sullivan with a chance to cause an upset. 

But it didn't happen as 20 points later the Englishman missed a long red, Maguire returning to close the deal and take the frame under his belt.
However, O'Sullivan took revenge the next frame when a break of 75 that was reducing the gap at just two points, 5-3.

The last session starts as 7.30pm (UK time) and the first to get nine frames in his pocket is being declared the new winner of the German Masters tournament. So ... who's going to be?