German Masters 2012 - O'Sullivan conquers Germany

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Ronnie O'Sullivan - the 2012 German Masters champion
Ronnie O'Sullivan beat Stephen Maguire 9-7 to win this year's edition of German Masters. 

After ending the first session being lead 5-3 and starting the second one with Maguire extending his dominancy at 6-3, O'Sullivan made a remarkable comeback into the game not just to draw level, but also to be in command of the match's faith.

The scoreline was 5-3 in favour of the Scotsman, when the second session began. And in just a few moments it was turning into 6-3 after Maguire hit in runs of 46 and 69. He was definitely on fire.

But then it happened: the famous comeback. O'Sullivan used a break of 96 to win his first frame of the evening, a 54 for the second one and went on stealing the third after Maguire missed a red on a 52, thus the Englishman using runs of 41 and 20 to draw level at 6-6. 

After the mini-break the lads retuned into the arena the three-time world champion continuing to cruise though the balls and hitting a 67 to put his nose in front for the first time since he took the opener.

Stephen Maguire - the 2012 German Masters runner-up
As the 14th frame started. Maguire took on a long red, but missed to pot it, O'Sullivan coming to the table for a series of 43 and 38 that was putting him just one step away from victory at 8-6.

However, Maguire didn't give up and when his opponent missed a black off its spot, he was there to clear the table with a great 82 break. He was still in this game.

The 16th frame was re-racked and after a genuine battle of safety shots the first in was O'Sullivan. But he lost position on 46. Maguire came to the table, but couldn't make too much of this occasion, just a break of 19 points being hit. 

It was a scrappy affair and after several shots from both parts, Maguire was in need of a snooker. A terrible mistake from Ronnie's part to pot the cue ball and the Scotsman's problem disappeared. Still, he had to pot the remaining balls.

It was a Rock-ish night
A quite harsh approach on the last blue and Maguire was missing the ball that could have forced the decider. O'Sullivan returned to the table potting it along with the pink. His fist pumped as the audience was on its feet: he was winning after a thrilling battle of cues.

So after five days of intense snooker, after three years since he won his last major ranking event (the 2009 Shanghai Masters), after announcing he has been diagnosed with glandular fever, after going through a rough patch that involved pulling out of snooker events and going through therapy, Ronnie O'Sullivan wins the 2012 German Masters.

It just doesn't get better than this!