German Masters 2012 ( Day 4) - Maguire whitewashes Murphy

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Maguire proved to be merciless against his oppoent
Stephen Maguire beat Shaun Murphy 6-0 to book himself a nice and cosy place in this year's German Masters’ final, where Ronnie O'Sullivan is waiting.

No one can deny Maguire the "on-fire" nickname. Not after tonight's performance. He practically washed the floor with an amazed Shaun Murphy that was unable to get his turn at the table, and when he finally got the chance, he missed to make the most out of it.

The Scotsman opened with a nice and steady break of 77 and continued with two runs of 52 and a 48 to go 3-0 up. During the next frame Murphy managed to get his feet wet and hit a 65 break, but unfortunately he also missed to pot the last red.

Maguire needed a snooker to make a difference and he got it. But that's not all. He also got a free ball. So after potting all the remaining colours, the scoreline was 66-67 in favour of  last year Welsh Open runner-up. Maguire was entering into the mid-session interval leading his opponent 4-0.

Not much left to do for the Smurf ...
After the mini-break Maguire continued cruising towards victory with a 62, while Murphy seemed helpless. Still, during the next frame he tried his best to pull back at least one frame and avoid being whitewashed, but sadly for him, it just didn’t happen.

A great break of 97 was sealing a 6-0 victory for Stephen Maguire who's meeting Ronnie O'Sullivan in tomorrow's grand final.

The first session of the final will start at 1pm, while the last one at 7.30pm, the rule being "best of  17".