Welsh Open 2012 (Day 5) - Invincible O'Sullivan strikes again

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O'Sullivan breaks the spell and wins against Trump
Ronnie O'Sullivan continued his flawless run, this time Judd Trump starring in the victim's role. The three-time world champion took revenge with a 5-3 scoreline after Trump beat him in PTC Event 9 final and during this season's UK Championship and Masters.

At table number two, Shaun Murphy worked his magic around the balls and ended Mark Allen's Welsh Open dream by 5-4 to qualify for the semi-finals.

It felt like some kind of snooker déjà-vu to see O'Sullivan facing Trump again, but this time the ending would no be the same. Rocket Ronnie prevailed the Ace's attack and got his well deserved victory and also a place in the semi-finals.

As expected, the battle of cues was a wonderful one,  the lads being just one frame apart, most of the time. Trump broke the ice with a great 109, while O'Sullivan’s answer to that was an 101. But he didn’t stopped there, an 88 getting him a 2-1 lead.
However, as the interval was kicking off, Trump used a break of 63 points to draw level. 

As the players returned into the arena, Trump missed an unexpected black, O'Sullivan clearing the table with a wonderful 139 to regain his leader position. It was 3-2.

Needless to say that the Bristol-lad didn't give up. An 88 was levelling the scoreline, but as before his opponent put his nose in front, this time with just top break of 42.

O'Sullivan was now just one step away from the semi-finals, runs of 31 and 61 sealing a 5-3 long-waited victory.

The other quarter-finals match was featuring the names of Shaun Murphy and Mark Allen.

Murphy and Allen, having fun with the last frame
First to get a frame under board was Allen, but Murphy took revenge during the next one to level things up at 1-1 ... and continued with runs of 45 and 98 to close the first session leading the Northern Ireland's player by 3-1.

After the 15-minute break Allen began his comeback, comeback that was completed with a top break of 121, but he also decided to take the lead at 4-3 with a bit of help from a 63 one.

Murphy's 68, from frame eight, was forcing the decider, a decider that would soon prove to be a real test of endurance.

Although Murphy used runs of 44 and 26 to practically win it, Allen needing three snookers, the runner-up of this season's UK Championship played for them. And actually got two. 

When Murphy potted the yellow, his opponent continued (he was in need of two snookers now). Minutes later and after some pretty cracking safety shots ex-chance Allen got another snooker. He was now in the same position - with only one snooker required.

But Murphy potted the green and the "two-needed-snookers" pattern was reinstalled. When the brown ball went in also, Allen conceded, shaking his opponent’s hand with grace. This was as far as he managed to come.

The day continues from 7pm (UK time) with the last two matches of the quarter-finals: Ding Junhui v. Stephen Lee and Mark Selby v. Stephen Maguire.