Haikou World Open 2012 (the final): Mark Allen wins first ranking title

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Mark Allen, the 2012 Haikou World Open champion
Mark Allen beat Stephen Lee 10-1 to win his first ever ranking title after a match that saw the Northern Ireland man cueing like a dream. 

Allen reached the final of last year’s UK Championship, but lost to Judd Trump 10-8, thus his dream of lifting a trophy being put on hold.

It couldn't have gone any better for Mark Allen, the player from Antrim not just winning his first snooker ranking event, but also managing to take revenge on Judd Trump in the process, Allen beating the Bristol man 5-4 in the Last 16 round.

The final match against Stephen Lee, the winner of the 2006 Welsh Open, was almost entirely a one way traffic affair, Allen closing the first session at 8-1 after he fired with breaks of 104, 50, 134, 53, 55, 43, 39 and 123 from the top of his on-fire cue.

Stephen Lee, the 2012 Haikou World Open runner-up
Lee didn't manage to settle in at the beginning of their snooker dispute, thus having a hard time to pot fluently with so little table time. He did manage to steal a frame from his opponent, the 6th one to be more precise, Allen missing to continue his break of 55, thus Lee coming for a great 67 clearance.

The "Bulldog" of snooker had another huge chance to pull back one more, during frame eight, when he left his baize rival in need of a snooker. However, a couple of minutes later Lee was leaving a free ball on, Allen taking plenty advantage of the chance and winning the frame.

The last session lasted less than an hour and though the 10th frame was a pretty crappy one, Allen dominated it to put himself one away from victory.
A few minutes of running around the table were transformed into a great 103, Allen ending the match on a 10-1 final result.
Lee sincerely congratulationg Allen for his splendid victory

So after turning pro in 2005, the Northern Ireland man is being welcomed in the group of the ranking events champions and is definitely getting a preferential spot for winning the upcoming World Championship.

Allen goes home with a cheque of £75,000, while the runner-up Stephen Lee, receives £34,000 and another £2,000 for the highest break of the tournament (138).