Haikou World Open 2012 (semi-finals): Pistol Allen shoots final spot

13:13:00 Ramona Dragomir 0 Comments

Mark Allen in his 1st final since December 2011
Mark Allen beat Mark Selby 6-5 after a thrilling semi-final, hence earning the right to perform in Sunday's World Open final next to the winner of the Stephen Lee v. Robert Milkins match.

The player nicknamed "The Pistol" managed to get back on track and put pressure on his opponent, although Selby practically had the victory in his hands leading Allen 5-2. 

As the mid-session interval was kicking off, Selby was 3-1 up helped by breaks of 112 (in the opening frame), 35, 30 and 59, while Allen barely pot a ball to cash the second frame with runs of 40 and 43.

15 minutes later, as the lads were returning into the arena, the Northern Ireland man managed to pull back a frame with a great 105 break, but Selby took care of the following ones with a series of 102 and 59. “The Jester” was now just one point away from booking himself a place in tomorrow's final, 5-2.

Selby's not very pleased with the situation
However, Allen had different plans a great 82 clearance winning him the 8th frame of the match, while an avalanche of 79 and 71 were helping him force a decider.

It didn't take long for Allen to collect exactly 112 consecutive points off the table and cash the last frame of the match, ironically this also being the break that Selby broke the ice with.

Less than one half an hour separates us from the second semi-final of this year’s World Open, another Pink Army member, this time Robert Milkins, taking on Stephen Lee from 11.30 (UK time). Don't miss finding out the name of our last finalist.