PTC Grand Finals 2012 (the final) - An English-Australian snooker affair

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Big Lee reaches the final
Stephen Lee and Neil Robertson have become the two finalists of this year's PTC Grand Finals, after Lee beat Andrew Higginson 4-2, while Robbo cruised pass Stephen Maguire with a brilliant 4-0 scoreline.

It's going to be an English-Australian snooker affair for this year's PTC Grand final with the powerful and silky-smooth-cue-action man (aka. Stephen Lee) on one side and the pretty-but-very-dangerous Neil Robertson on the other.

Stephen Lee seems to like the taste of reaching the final, after the Haikou World Open, the man from Trownbridge having one more chance to prove to the entire world he deserves to win. 

He started his snooker dispute with Andrew Higginson by taking the opener with just a top break of 31 points, to which his opponent responded with a 65 during the next frame, after Lee missed a red to the green pocket as he was reaching 42.

The third frame saw the same Stephen Lee missing another red, this time to the right centre pocket on 30, Higginson coming to the table and cueing like a dream. Still, his dream became a nightmare when he missed frame ball on 51, Lee returning to clear until the pink and take the lead once more.

A strategically 104 break was hit by the PTC 5 champion during the next frame to draw level at two apiece, but just like before, Lee was regaining his leading position, this time after a great 102.

Is Robertson going to continue his series of winning-finals?
The last frame was also going to cashed by "The Bulldog" of snooker, Lee collecting no less than 82 points off the table to end the match on a 4-2 result and get a free pass into tonight's final.

Neil Robertson managed to grab the second ticket for the final, after showing himself merciless in front of his baize rival. Stephen Maguire (the man he beat during PTC 6 final) with a 4-0 result, thus getting in the 10th final of his career as a professional player.

The Australian opened with a 110 break, continued with a 45 and hit a great 84 for a safe flight at 3-0, while an out-of-form Maguire only potted a lonely red.

The following frame saw the Scottish player getting in early, but his 23 break was overshadowed by Robertson’s 62, a 62 that was also bringing him the victory.

So, tonight from 8pm (Ireland time) we have the final battle of cues between Stephen Lee (a player that needs to wash a bit of that horrible 10-1 defeat from the World Open from two weeks ago) and Neil Robertson (a player that won all the finals he reached).

Who's going to be?