World Championship 2012 (Day 2) - Cao Yupeng shocks Allen

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Cao Yupeng reached the Last 16 round
As the day unfolds here at The Crucible more and more drama is being added to the packet, as another top seeded player, this time Mark Allen experienced an early exit under the form of a 10-6 scoreline carefully managed by China's Cao Yupeng.

Yupeng had to win four matches in order to get his Crucible-ticket, so he cam here to prove a point. Still, with such a tough opponent like Mark Allen it seemed hard to believe that the Chinese player will prevail the battle of cues and especially with such a scoreline. But it happened.

The cues-crossing started with Cao taking the first three frames under his belt with runs of 70, 29 and 69, while Allen only managed to pull back a frame.

Still, as the first session came to an end the scoreline was a bit more balanced, the proud of Northern-Ireland being lead by just one point, 5-4.

Today the match re-started with a very-eager-to-win Yupeng whose breaks of 33, 17 and 108 brought him two consecutive frames. Still struggling, Allen did all his best to catch up with his opponent but only managed to pull back a scrappy frame, as Cao advanced to 9-5 after hitting in runs of 35, 40 and 113.

A great 101 clearance from the Haikou World Open champion was keeping the match alive, the next frame proving to be a massive one.

When Cao missed the blue on 43 the drama started. Scrappiness was the name of the game, until Allen collected 12 points with only the colours left on the table.

Another shock at The Crucible: Allen's out
Yellow, green and brown all went in but the Northern Ireland player lost position for the blue. He needed all the remaining balls to give himself at least one more chance to properly come back into the match. 

A few minutes later he managed to do the impossible and sent the last of the tree remaining balls into the pocket, but sadly lost the cue ball into the yellow one. With Allen needing the last black to win and the cue ball potted, the penalty points were declaring Cao Yupeng winner, 10-6.

It was a horrible way to lose the match and totally unfair, but on the other hand they weren't on a decider not to mention that Allen's performance throughout the match wasn't the best. Maybe the real issue here is that he didn't seem to give too much credit to his opponent and the Chinese player proved to be quite a dangerous one.

In the other match Shaun Murphy and Jamie Jones ended their first session with "The Magician" taking a 5-4 lead, both players taking turns on who wins the next frame. Pretty tight and with great perspective to continue this way tomorrow after-noon.


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