World Championship 2012 (Day 2) - Gilbert upsets Gould

15:53:00 Ramona Dragomir 0 Comments

David Gilbert in the Last 16
The first important upset of this year's World Championship was the amazing victory that qualifier David Gilbert obtained in front of world number 12 Martin Gould, a 10-8 victory that books him a very cosy place in the next round.

Gilbert opened with runs of 58, 72 and 57 to take the first three frames of the match, Gouldie only managing to pull back the next two with breaks like 55 and 51.

As the first session came to an end Gilbert extended his lead at 6-3 using a series of 61, 65 and 72, his opponent barely winning the last frame with a 59 break.

As the boys retuned into the arena the very next day Gilbert's form seemed not as good as the day before, but enough to win him the first frame and put Gold in all sorts of trouble.

Still, "The Pinner Potter" cashed the 11th frame with a top break of 56, only to see Gilbert "returning the favour" and restoring the three-frame gap at 8-4.

Gould made a great effort to come back into the match
One more time Gould tried his luck and pulled back a frame, but after the mid-session interval was over, Gilbert was reaffirming his leader position, this time at 9-5. He only needed one more frame to get the most-desired Last 16 spot.

But then again so did Martin who took his chances and won no less than three consecutive frames with an impeccable set of breaks (136, 109 and 55). The man was fighting.

After such a great comeback it would have been nice to see a decider between the two snooker gladiators, but David had other plans, a break of 54 sealing his 10-8 victory.

On the other table Stephen Maguire is leading Luca Brecel 6-3 after a first session that saw the Scotsman in a quite poor form, while his Belgium opponent made his way back into the game after being lead 4-0 down.