World Championship 2012 (Day 5) - Trump overcomes illness to win

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Trump fight back illness
Judd Trump beat Dominic Dale 10-7 to book himself a place into the next round. 

The player from Bristol has been suffering from food poisoning, not being able to eat much and clearly struggling with finding form at the beginning of the match. 

Still, he managed to put himself together and cruised towards victory in his quest for the big title.

Welshman Dale opened the match with a great 3-1 lead sustained by breaks like 59 and 75, but as the first session was coming to an end, last year's World Championship runner-up was making his way back into the game, trailing by just one point, at 5-4.

As the match restarted, Trump continued his fight and levelled the match at 5-5, but Dale was careful enough to detach himself once again with runs of 20 and 43.

Dom Dale's Crucible run ends in the first round
Not in the best form of his life, but eager to prevail this battle of cues, Trump hit the only century break of the match (114) to draw level once more, but as before Dale put his nose back in front with an 80 one. 

Sadly for the Welshman, who's suffering from a sore hand due to hard practicing for this event, that was going to be his last won frame.

Runs of 40, 57, 40 and 42 were winning Trump four consecutive frames, hence also a ticket into the Last 16, where he's waiting for the winner of Ali Carter v. Mark Davis match.

At table number two, Mark Williams took a 6-3 lead over China's Liu Chuang at the end of their first snooker encounter.