World Championship 2012 (Day 6) - Captain Carter lands in Last 16

16:55:00 Ramona Dragomir 0 Comments

Captain Carter is flying again
Ali Carter recorded a beautiful 10-2 victory over Mark Davis after a match that saw the Captain flew like a dream (and of course also cueing like a master of the green baize) to safely land in the Last 16 where he's meeting with Judd Trump.

Although not having the best of seasons, Carter seems to be back on track after his performance during the China Open (where he reached the quarter-finals), but more importantly after today's performance.

Breaks of 65, 49, 72, 101, 76 and 57 were bringing the Essex-man an 8-1 lead over a very ill Mark Davis whose only contribution in the first session was to win a frame.

Mark Davis's illness made him struggle

As the match restarted Carte carried on with runs of 44 and 48 to put him one away from victory, while Davis tried to save his honour with breaks of 45 and 37 to cash his second frame and also the last.

Minutes later a wonderful clearance of 132 points was sealing Carter's victory at 10-2.

On the other table the first Last 16 round match saw Neil Robertson taking an outstanding 5-3 lead over David Gilbert, after being lead 3-1.