World Championship 2012 (Day 6) - Williams grabs Last 16 spot

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The Welsh Potting Machine to meet the Rocket
Mark Williams grabbed the last of the remaining Last 16 spots after defeating China's Liu Chuang by 10-6. 

The Welshman, although took his time to settle in, cruised towards victory and showed class in beating his opponent.

The lads started sharing frames up until 2-2, but as they returned from the 15-minute break Williams started his assault by firing in breaks of 43, 40, 46, 72 and 111 to complete the first session and lead his opponent by 6-3.

The conclusion of the match saw the same Welshman continuing his marathon of breaks, a series of 72, 40, 36 and 40 putting him one step closer to the Last 16 round, at 9-3.

Liu Chuang's Crucible experience ends in the first round
But the qualifier from China tried his best to get back into the match and won no less than three consecutive frames with runs of 50 and 54.

Still, Williams closed the match with a top break of 33 to get his Last 16 round ticket for a classical rendez-vous with Ronnie O'Sullivan.

At the next table, Joe Perry and Stephen Maguire met for their first session, the Scotsman getting a 5-3 lead at the end of it.

Tomorrow, the action continues with:

17 John Higgins v. Stephen Hendry
22 David Gilbert 3-5 Neil Robertson

18 Joe Perry 3-5 Stephen Maguire
23 Ryan Day v. Cao Yupeng

17 John Higgins v. Stephen Hendry
22* David Gilbert v. Neil Robertson
*denotes the final session of the match

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