World Championship 2012 (Day 7) - Robbo advances in quarter-finals

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Robertson gets a well deserved place in the QFs
Neil Robertson beat David Gilbert 13-9 to grab the first quarter-finals spot of this year's World Championship edition.

The 2010 world champion has had a great season winning no less than two PTC events and the Masters and if we are looking at his Crucible performance from the last days we will see that he's heading towards conquering the title once more.

Interestingly enough the first session started with Gilbert taking a great 3-1 lead over the Australian player with runs of 53, 76 and 44, but as the lads returned from the 15-minute break, Robertson stormed in to finish on first place at 5-3.

The second session began with Neil's runs of 48 and 34 that were winning him the 9th frame, but Gilbert fought back and nearly caught up with his opponent at 5-6.

Knowing that he has a dangerous player in front of him, a player that eliminated a top-seed in the first round, Robertson used a series of 76, 77, 82 and 92 to fly all the way to 10-5, Gilbert only managing to cash the following frame and trail 10-6 as the second session was ending.

Great display by Gilbert, but his crucible run ends here
The last of their snooker encounters followed the same pattern, with Robertson taking the first frame and Gilbert the next two.

Still this time Robertson's runs of 60 and 39 were putting him just one away from a place in the quarters and although Gilbert tried to comeback by taking the 21st  frame, the Australian ended the match with breaks of 44 and 42.

Very close to follow Robertson's footsteps in the next round is Stephen Hendry, who after two sessions is leading the defending champion, John Higgins by 12-4.

Ryan Day ended his first snooker session with Cao Yupeng by being 6-2 ahead, while Stephen Maguire is leading Joe Perry 11-5 after two sessions.

Tomorrow the action continues with:

18* Joe Perry 5-11 Stephen Maguire
23 Ryan Day 6-2 Cao Yupeng

17* John Higgins 4-12 Stephen Hendry
21 Mark Williams v. Ronnie O'Sullivan

20 Ali Carter v. Judd Trump
23* Ryan Day v. Cao Yupeng
*denotes the final session of the match

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