World Championship 2012 (Day 9) - O'Sullivan, Trump and Jones lead the way towards quarters

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Rocket Ronnie is two frames away from the QFs
Ronnie O’Sullivan, Judd Trump and Jamie Jones managed to end their first two sessions of snooker by taking considerable leads over their opponents and are now favourite to book a place in the quarter-finals.

Ronnie O'Sullivan almost ended Mark Williams' dream to reach the next round after finishing the first session leading by 5-3 and the second one at 11-5.

During the second session the Rocket flew beautifully, his cue action style bringing him breaks of 107, 74, 51, 68, 128 and 93 for taking no less than six frames in a row and get himself at 11-4.

If Williams hadn't won one of the remaining two frames, the match would have ended without having a third session, but fortunately for the fans that have tickets for Monday, as well as for himself, Mark used a top break of 86 to cash both frames.

At the next table, Ali Carter's luck of having a 5-3 lead over Judd Trump was about to change, the player from Bristol making his way back into the game with a top break of 125 and not stopping his offensive even when Carter put his nose back in front at 6-5 with a beautiful 112 clearance.

This time, Trump didn’t just level the match, but he also went on to get in the leading position for the first time with an 80 break. The session ended a few minutes after, at 9-7 in favour of the 2011 UK Championship winner.

Also in a great form was Jamie Jones, the "Kiddo" managing to take full advantage of Andrew Higginson's mistakes of missing frame ball most of the time and ending the second session with a 10-6 advantage, while Matthew Stevens and Barry Hawkins finished theirs on a draw of 8-8.

Tomorrow, the action continues with:

20* Ali Carter 7-9 Judd Trump
24* Matthew Stevens 8-8 Barry Hawkins

19* Jamie Jones 10-6 Andrew Higginson
21* Mark Williams 5-11 Ronnie O'Sullivan
*denotes the final session of the match

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