World Championship 2012 (the qualifiers) - Day 3

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Yu Delu kept us awake late in the night
The third day of the World Championship qualifying rounds recorded the first battle of cues to end on a decisive frame, late in the night, starring China's Yu Delu and Northern Ireland's Patrick Wallace in the main roles, the Chinese player being the one who prevailed by 10-9.

Some great results were recorded by the On Q Promotions players Adam Wicheard and Liam Highfield, both of them managing to win their first matches and get a comfortable place in the third round, the less fortunate one being Andrew Pagett who suffered an early exit due to a very dominant Aditya Mehta.

Last match to see the English Institute of Sport close its doors on the third day of cue action was the one featuring the names of Yu Delu and Patrick Wallance, a very restless Patrick Wallace who had previously won 5-0 against John Parrott and 5-2 over Joe Delaney.

First win for Adam Wicheard
Still, his winning-mood was stopped by Delu, who finished the first session leading him 5-4 and the last one on the same note of dominance, only to close the deal at 10-9.

Taking a very good start the Pink Army member, Adam Wicheard obtained a great 10-5 scoreline over Tian Pengfei, while his comrade Liam Highfield did the same in front of Matthew Couch, the only one who sadly didn’t manage to get further in the competition being Andrew Pagett, the Welshman losing by 10-8 to a very determined Indian player, also known under his “name-stage” as Adithya Mehta.

Daniel Wells and Joe Swail closed their first encounter with the first named one in charge at 7-2, the last session seeing Joe trying his best to perform a comeback. He did manage to win three more frames, but so did his opponent who is meeting the winner of PTC 3 Event, Ben Woollaston in the next round.
K.Maflin has a lot of catching up to do

Li Yan also started his journey-to-the-Crucible with a victory, a clear 10-4 over Paul Davison sending him straight into Round Three to face Thailand's James Wattana.

The third day also marked the start of another set of cue battles, with only one session finished, until now Cao Yupeng leading Kurt Maflin by an amazing scoreline of 8-1, Andrew Normal putting himself just one point over Brazil's Igor Figueieredo at 5-4, Belgium's Luca Brecel is 6-2 in front of Ian McCulloch, while Sam Craigie took an early flight to go 5-3 up after playing against Justin Astley.

By the end of today all these matches are going to be completed, along with another series of six special snooker encounters, as it follows:

12) David Gilbert v. Stuart Carrington
13) Rod Lawler v. Dechawat Poomjaeng
14) David Morris v. Kacper Filipiak
15) Passakorn Suwannawat v. David Singh
16) Sam Baird v. David Grace
17) Adam Duffy v. Lucky Vatnani

8) Kurt Maflin 1-8 Cao Yupeng*
9) Andrew Norman 5-4 Igor Figueiredo*
10) Ian McCulloch 2-6 Luca Brecel*
11) Sam Craigie 5-3 Justin Astley*

12) David Gilbert v. Stuart Carrington*
13) Rod Lawler v. Dechawat Poomjaeng*
14) David Morris v. Kacper Filipiak*
15) Passakorn Suwannawat v. David Singh*
16) Sam Baird v. David Grace*
17) Adam Duffy v. Lucky Vatnani*