World Championship 2012 (the qualifiers) - Day 4

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Yupeng had no trouble to win his first match
Although the forth day of the qualifying rounds ended late in the night due to Rod Lawler and Dechawat Poomjaeng's match, the entire day was filled with magnificent wins signed by Belgium's Luca Brecel, Brazil's Igor Figueiredo, China's Cao Yupeng, Ireland's David Morris but also England's Adam Duffy. 

So pretty much we had one member of each nation taking a good start or continuing a pre-started good run, which represents how much a place at the Crucible is desired.

If one day before yesterday Cao Yupeng was ending the first session of the match played against Norway's Kurt Maflin by leading his opponent 8-1, the second session didn’t go too differently, Kurt only managing to pull back just one single frame, while his green baize rival took care of the next two to win the snooker encounter.

Brilliant victory for Luca Brecel
After a great 10-5 obtained in front of Jamie O'Neill, Brazil's best Igor Figueiredo added one more victory to his collection by taking down a pretty tough English opponent (and also a brave soldier of the Pink Army), Andrew Norman by 10-8, while another continental resident, Luca Brecel knelt down Ian McCulloch by an amazing 10-2 scoreline.

Clear wins were also registered by Ireland's David Morris who didn't give any chance of survival to the Polish player, Kacper Filipiak and beat him 10-2, the same being the case of India's Lucky Vatnani, who proved to be quite an unlucky and lost his fist cue battle at 10-2 in front of Adam Duffy.

David Gilbert takes a good start
Hitting the highest century break of the qualifiers (135), David Gilbert won his fist cues confrontation, 10-7 with Stuart Carrington, the next to follow his footsteps being Sam Baird and his 134 break, that unfortunately wasn't enough to see off David Grace, the last named one winning by 10-8.

“Made in Thailand” Passakorn Suwannawat defeated David Singh with a crystal clear scoreline of 10-5, but his fellow country Dechawat Poomjaeng experienced an early exit due to losing by 10-8 in front of Rod Lawler, this being the last match of the day ... or night, since it finished way pass children’s bed time (somewhere around 12.30am).

Below you can check Day 4 list of results:

12) David Gilbert 3-6 Stuart Carrington
13) Rod Lawler 6-1 Dechawat Poomjaeng
14) David Morris 7-2 Kacper Filipiak
15) Passakorn Suwannawat 7-2 David Singh
16) Sam Baird 4-5 David Grace
17) Adam Duffy 7-2 Lucky Vatnani

8) Kurt Maflin 2-10 Cao Yupeng*
9) Andrew Norman 8-10 Igor Figueiredo*
10) Ian McCulloch 2-10 Luca Brecel*
11) Sam Craigie 9-10 Justin Astley*

12) David Gilbert 10-7 Stuart Carrington*
13) Rod Lawler 10-8 Dechawat Poomjaeng*
14) David Morris 10-2 Kacper Filipiak*
15) Passakorn Suwannawat 10-5 David Singh*
16) Sam Baird 8-10 David Grace*
17) Adam Duffy 10-2 Lucky Vatnani*

Today the cue action continues with Round Three matches:

18) Anthony McGill v. Adam Wicheard
19) Ben Woollaston v. Daniel Wells
20) Andy Hicks v. Liam Highfield
21) Xiao Guodong v. Aditya Mehta
22) James Wattana v. Li Yan
23) Michael White v. Yu Delu

24) Dave Harold v.Cao Yupeng
25) Liu Song v. Igor Figueredo
26) Barry Pinches v. Luca Brecel
27) Tony Drago v. Justin Astley

18) Anthony McGill v. Adam Wicheard*
19) Ben Woollaston v. Daniel Wells*
20) Andy Hicks v. Liam Highfield*
21) Xiao Guodong v. Aditya Mehta*
22) James Wattana v. Li Yan*
23) Michael White v. Yu Delu*

*all hours are UK time
*denotes the final session of the match

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