World Championship 2012 (the qualifiers ) - Day 5

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A perfect 10-0 victory of McGill
With day five finished we can easily say that we are half way to the Crucible, since only five more are to be pass until 16 lucky players will get to live their dream. And what a better way to end the first half of this life-and-death battle, rather than with some amazing scorelines.

Starting with Anthony McGill's perfect 10-0 obtained in front of Adam Wicheard and finishing with Yu Delu's 10-2 victory over Michael White, yesterday marked once more (if needed) at what high standard snooker is being played these days.

A beautiful victory of 10-0 and actually the first whitewash of the competition so far was recorded by Scotland's Anthony McGill, whose victim Adam Wicheard wasn't left with anything else than to get back on the practicing table and hope for a better result next time.

Delu ends M. White's Crucible dream
Yu Delu proved to be our second merciless green baize gladiator as he beat Michael White by a cruel 10-2, next in line being Andy Hicks and his 10-3 victory over his pink comrade Liam Highfield.

PTC 3 champion Ben Woollaston obtained a great win of 10-4 in front of Daniel Wells secured him a place in the next round were he's meeting with a pure legend in flesh and blood - Steve Davis.

Can Dave Hendon defeat Yupeng?
Xiao Guodong managed to overcome David Gilbert's 135 break from the other day and raise the bar at 140 in his way of beating Aditya Mehta 10-4, but it must be said that the Indian player didn't lose without leaving a clear sign that he performed quite well in this competition and also hit a 140 break.

After Yu Delu and Xiao Guodong's victories it came Li Yan's defeat, a defeat that the mighty Thai James Wattana can be made responsible for after closing the match on a clear 10-6 scoreline.

Also starting their battles of cues, but only finishing one session, are veteran Dave Harold who is currently leading Cao Yupeng 5-4, the same being the case of Igor Figueiredo who's in front of China's Liu Song, while Luca Brecel and Justin Astley are 7-2 up over their opponents, Barry Pinches and Tony Drago respectively.

Here is Day 5 list of results:

18) Anthony McGill 8-0 Adam Wicheard
19) Ben Woollaston 5-4 Daniel Wells
20) Andy Hicks 7-2 Liam Highfield
21) Xiao Guodong 8-1 Aditya Mehta
22) James Wattana 4-5 Li Yan
23) Michael White 2-7 Yu Delu

24) Dave Harold 5-4 Cao Yupeng
25) Liu Song 4-5 Igor Figueredo
26) Barry Pinches 2-7 Luca Brecel
27) Tony Drago 2-7 Justin Astley

18) Anthony McGill 10-0 Adam Wicheard*
19) Ben Woollaston 10-4 Daniel Wells*
20) Andy Hicks 10-3 Liam Highfield*
21) Xiao Guodong 10-4 Aditya Mehta*
22) James Wattana 10-6 Li Yan*
23) Michael White 2-10 Yu Delu*

Today the action restarts with:

28) Jimmy Robertson v. David Gilbert
29) Liu Chuang v. Rod Lawler
30) Mark Joyce v. David Morris
31) Peter Lines v. Passakorn Suwannawat
32) Alfie Burden v. David Grace
33) Adrian Gunnell v. Adam Duffy
24) Dave Harold 5-4 Cao Yupeng*
25) Liu Song 4-5 Igor Figueredo*
26) Barry Pinches 2-7 Luca Brecel*
27) Tony Drago 2-7 Justin Astley*

28) Jimmy Robertson v. David Gilbert*
29) Liu Chuang v. Rod Lawler*
30) Mark Joyce v. David Morris*
31) Peter Lines v. Passakorn Suwannawat*
32) Alfie Burden v. David Grace*
33) Adrian Gunnell v. Adam Duffy*

*all hours are UK time
*denotes final session of the match 

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