World Championship 2012 (the qualifiers) - Day 6

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Luca Brecel - fighting for the big prize
More than a half of the road to the Crucible was covered and yet the dream seems so far away. Still, with each victory the hope is maintained alive, especially if your name is David Gilbert, Luca Brecel, Igor Figueiredo, Alfie Burden or David Morris.

It's absolutely incredible to see what determination, hard work and self-confidence can achieve for you. That's how Luca Brecel managed to win his second match of the qualifying rounds with another amazing scoreline, a perfect 10-3 in front of Barry Pinches, while another foreign player, this time from Brazil, the mighty Igor Figueiredo won his third match after prevailing a tight cue-crossing with Liu Song by 10-9.

Not the same happened for the veteran Dave Harold though, the baize gladiator managing to end the first session by leading the dangerous Cao Yupeng 5-4, but losing the decider late in the night after Cao left him in need of a snooker, at 10-9.

Lines takes a good start to eliminate Passakorn S.
And next to the legend Harold, we find legend Drago - Tony Drago, who also suffered an early exit, Justin Astley applying a 10-7 treatment to book himself a place in the forth round were he's meeting with Liang Wenbo.

David Gilbert and Jimmy Robertson engaged into a perfect battle of cues that saw all its frames being put into action, the result of the first session (5-4) being continued after the last one (10-9), in favour of Gilbert, at the same time Peter Lines taking care of seeing off the Thai Passakorn Suwannawat 10-4 and leaving James Wattana as "The Last Mohican" to defend his country's honour in his quest for reaching the Crucible.

Victories were also scored by Liu Chuang who win 10-7 over Rod Lawler and hit two beautiful century breaks in the process of doing so (103 and 139), by David Morris who found no difficulty to bring down Mark Joyce 10-4, but also by Alfie Burden who put an end to David Grace's run at 10-5.

Below you can check Day 6 list of results:

28) Jimmy Robertson 4-5 David Gilbert
29) Liu Chuang 3-5 Rod Lawler
30) Mark Joyce 1-6 David Morris
31) Peter Lines 8-1 Passakorn Suwannawat
32) Alfie Burden 7-2 David Grace
33) Adrian Gunnell 5-4 Adam Duffy

24) Dave Harold 9-10 Cao Yupeng*
25) Liu Song 9-10 Igor Figueredo*
26) Barry Pinches 3-10 Luca Brecel*
27) Tony Drago 7-10 Justin Astley*

28) Jimmy Robertson 9-10 David Gilbert*
29) Liu Chuang 10-7 Rod Lawler*
30) Mark Joyce 4-10 David Morris*
31) Peter Lines 10-4 Passakorn Suwannawat*
32) Alfie Burden 10-5 David Grace*
33) Adrian Gunnell 8-10 Adam Duffy*

Today the action continues with Round Four matches:

34) Anthony Hamilton v Anthony McGill
35) Steve Davis v Ben Woollaston
36) Jamie Jones v Andy Hicks
37) Robert Milkins v Xiao Guodong
38) Gerard Greene v James Wattana
39) Matthew Selt v Yu Delu

40) Nigel Bond v Cao Yupeng
41) Joe Jogia v Igor Figueiredo
42) Michael Holt v Luca Brecel
43) Liang Wenbo v Justin Astley

34) Anthony Hamilton v Anthony McGill*
35) Steve Davis v Ben Woollaston*
36) Jamie Jones v Andy Hicks*
37) Robert Milkins v Xiao Guodong*
38) Gerard Greene v James Wattana* 
39) Matthew Selt v Yu Delu*

*all hours are UK time
*denotes the last session of the match

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