World Championship 2012 (the qualifiers) - Day 7

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Rob Milkins wins his 1st match with a 147
The series of great scorelines and amazing breaks was completed yesterday with Robert Milkins' beautiful 147 made for a 2-1 lead over Xiao Guodong, player that he actually beat effortless by 10-4 after the evening session, the evening however lasting much more, the two Anthonys of the competition keeping us awake up way pass 1am to finish their battle of cues for a place in the next round.

With such a high standard of playing snooker is no wonder that the maximum breaks are no longer a rarity. And yet there's still something very magical about them. Even if they are hit in the qualifying rounds. They don’t get the feverish applauses from a full packed arena, but they sure worth a lot to a player.

For Robert Milkins the magical 147 is not his first (back in 2006 he broke the ice also during the World Championship qualifiers), but it sure meant a lot, if we are to watch this video. The Pink Army soldier used this break to take a 2-1 lead over China's Xiao Guodong, the Chinese player having his faith decided during the latter session, when he was beat by 10-4.

However, we did have a Chinese player who "saved the day" in the person of Yu Delu who found no difficulty whatsoever to beat Matthew Selt 10-5 and secure himself a place in the fifth round of the qualifiers where's he's meeting the one and only Stephen Hendry on Saturday.

No Crucible-play this year for Steve Davis
Bad news for "The Nugget's" fans, as Steve Davis lost his chance to delight us at the Crucible this year after losing 10-7 to Ben Woollaston, at the same time another red-headed player, Anthony McGill, missing to fulfil his Crucible dream after being defeated 10-8 by the mighty Sherriff Anthony Hamilton.

Jamie Jones took on one of his pink comrades, Andy Hick, the snooker encounter seeing all its frames being put to use with the "kid" Jones winning by 10-9, scoreline that was also recorded by another member of the Pink Army, Gerard Greene in front of the last Thai standing, James Wattana.

Starting their first session for their snooker rendez-vous, Nigel Bound took the liberty of leading Cao Yupeng 5-4, as well as Luca Brecel, who put his nose in front over Michael Holt, Joe Jogia leads Brazil Igor Figueiredo 6-3 while Liang Wenbo has a pretty high advantage over Justin Astley, of 7-2.

Here are Day 7 list of results:

34) Anthony Hamilton 5-4 Anthony McGill
35) Steve Davis 4-5 Ben Woollaston
36) Jamie Jones 4-5 Andy Hicks
37) Robert Milkins 6-3 Xiao Guodong
38) Gerard Greene 6-3 James Wattana
39) Matthew Selt 3-6 Yu Delu

40) Nigel Bond 5-4 Cao Yupeng
41) Joe Jogia 6-3 Igor Figueiredo
42) Michael Holt 4-5 Luca Brecel
43) Liang Wenbo 7-2 Justin Astley

34) Anthony Hamilton 10-8 Anthony McGill*
35) Steve Davis 7-10 Ben Woollaston*
36) Jamie Jones 10-9 Andy Hicks*
37) Robert Milkins 10-4 Xiao Guodong*
38) Gerard Greene 10-9 James Wattana*
39) Matthew Selt 5-10 Yu Delu*

Today match schedule:

44) Mike Dunn v David Gilbert
45) Jimmy White v Liu Chuang
46) Alan McManus v David Morris
47) Rory McLeod v Peter Lines
48) Jack Lisowski v Alfie Burden
49) Jamie Burnett v Adam Duffy

40) Nigel Bond v Cao Yupeng*
41) Joe Jogia v Igor Figueiredo*
42) Michael Holt v Luca Brecel*
43) Liang Wenbo v Justin Astley*

44) Mike Dunn v David Gilbert*
45) Jimmy White v Liu Chuang*
46) Alan McManus v David Morris*
47) Rory McLeod v Peter Lines*
48) Jack Lisowski v Alfie Burden*
49) Jamie Burnett v Adam Duffy*

*all hours are UK time
*denotes the final session of the match