World Championship 2012 (the qualifiers) - Day 9

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Kenny returns to the Crucible
The penultimate day of the World Championship qualifying rounds revealed the names of the first six players that will be able to live their Crucible dream this year. Amongst then, a genuine talent and a legend in action, the Irishman Ken Doherty who prevailed 10-9 over Anthony Hamilton in a breathtaking match that closed the day.

The "kid" Jamie Jones obtained a brilliant 10-2 victory over a more experienced Ricky Walden, while Liu Chuang and Cao Yupeng continued to rock around the snooker table and got themselves the chance to smell the magic of the Crucible a week from now.

It was the match that marked the end of the ninth day of cues-crossings, but it worth to watch each shot. Ken Doherty and the mighty “Sheriff of Pottingham”, Anthony Hamilton engaged in a battle of cues that finished in the Irishman's favour after the first session, 6-3, and continued to follow the same pattern although his opponent came back.

The faith of the match was decided by the last frame, a very tense one, moments like taking more than three minutes to play a shot happening more than once given what was at stake; but in the end Doherty managed to clinch the frame and win by 10-9, thus changing the commentator chair with the player one, at least for the first match of the World Championship. We hope it is for more that one match, though.

Jamie Jones, for the 1st time at the Crucible
Jamie Jones recorded a wonderful victory of 10-2 over Ricky Walden, a victory that also means the debut at the Crucible for the Pink Army soldier, at the next table two of his pink comrades crossing their cues, Mark Davis and Robert Milkins, with the the first named one winning the match at 10-5.

Welshman Ryan Day, although far from having a good season ended it in great style - by booking himself a place in the grand World Championship - after winning over very tough opponent, Gerard Greene 10-8. Ryan was lead 6-3 by Gerard after the first session ended, but he managed to put himself together during the break and make a comeback into the match.

Ryan Day obtaines a great victory
With the likes of Cao Yupeng and Liu Chuang this year's World Championship is definitely more open than ever, Cao beating Tom Ford 10-9 after a terrific battle of cues, while Liu overcame Jamie Cope's force by 10-7.

Yesterday four more matches had their first session finished, Master Stephen Hendry leading Yu Delu 6-3, as well as Marco Fu who's in front of Joe Jogia, Mark King succeeded to take a small, but important advantage, of one point over Luca Brecel, 5-4, while Liang Wenbo went all the way to 7-2 over Marcus Campbell, putting the Scotsman in a really difficult situation today.

Below you can check Day 9 list of results:

50) Ken Doherty 6-3 Anthony Hamilton
52) Ricky Walden 1-8 Jamie Jones
53) Mark Davis 6-3 Rob Milkins
54) Ryan Day 3-6 Gerard Greene
56) Tom Ford 4-5 Cao Yupeng
61) Jamie Cope 5-4 Liu Chuang

55) Stephen Hendry 6-3 Yu Delu
57) Marco Fu 6-3 Joe Jogia
58) Mark King 5-4 Luca Brecel
59) Marcus Campbell 2-7 Liang Wenbo

50) Ken Doherty 10-9 Anthony Hamilton*
52) Ricky Walden 2-10 Jamie Jones*

53) Mark Davis 10-5 Rob Milkins*
54) Ryan Day 10-8 Gerard Greene*
56) Tom Ford 9-10 Cao Yupeng*
61) Jamie Cope 7-10 Liu Chuang*

Today is the last day of the qualifying rounds, so the tension has reached a very high level, each one of the players involved wanting a place at the Crucible. 

51) Dominic Dale v Ben Woollaston
60) Fergal O'Brien v David Gilbert
62) Barry Hawkins v David Morris
63) Andrew Higginson v Peter Lines
64) Peter Ebdon v Alfie Burden
65) Joe Perry v Jamie Burnett
55) Stephen Hendry v Yu Delu*
57) Marco Fu v Joe Jogia*
58) Mark King v Luca Brecel*
59) Marcus Campbell v Liang Wenbo*

51) Dominic Dale v Ben Woollaston*
60) Fergal O'Brien v David Gilbert*
62) Barry Hawkins v David Morris*
63) Andrew Higginson v Peter Lines*
64) Peter Ebdon v Alfie Burden*
65) Joe Perry v Jamie Burnett*

 *all hours are UK time
*denotes last session of the match