World Championship 2012 (the qualifiers) - The first two days of cue action

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Wallace takes a good start
If you have a super-hearing you can definitely hear the cues-crossings from Sheffield - that's were things are getting hotter and hotter for the snooker players, as the green baize gladiators are preparing for the most prestigious and grand event of the season - the World Championship.

Only two days have passed, but some really thrilling battle of cues took place in the city that loves this sport to bits. One of them, for example is the match played between Dubliner Joe Delaney and Englishman Stephen Rowlings, a match that saw all its frames being consumed and Joe winning it by 5-4.

Sadly, his luck ended a few hours later when he met Patrick Wallace, who had just performed the first whitewash of the competition (a 5-0 against the legend John Parrott), Joe losing by 5-2.

Brazil's best - Igor Figueiredo
Jamie O'Neill took a very solid start against David Gray, whom he beat 5-4, but also against Stephen Ormerod whom he crashed 5-0. Still, today, during the proper first round of the World Championship qualifiers he got knelt down by Brazil's Igor Figueiredo 10-5.

David Singh recorded a great 5-0 over Ali Bassiri and a 5-1 by playing Ian Stark, this sending him directly into Round Two, where he's meeting with Thailand's Passakorn Suwannawat, while Justin Astley’s wins of 5-0 over Les Dodd and 5-2 in front of Del Smith, earned him a meeting with Sam Craigie for Saturday after-noon.

Below you can find Day 1 and 2 list or results:

April 5

Round Q1
Q1) John Parrott 0-5 Patrick Wallace
Q2) Joe Delaney 5-4 Stephen Rowlings
Q3) Philip Minchin 3-5 Ian Stark
Q4) Ali Bassiri 0-5 David Singh
Q5) Jamie O'Neill 5-4 David Gray
Q6) Les Dodd 0-5 Justin Astley

Round Q2
Q7) Patrick Wallace 5-2 Joe Delaney
Q8) Ian Stark 1-5 David Singh
Q9) Stephen Ormerod 0-5 Jamie O'Neill
Q10) Del Smith 2-5 Justin Astley

April 6

Round 1
Igor Figueiredo 10-5 Jamie O'Neill

Tomorrow match schedule:

Round 2
2) Tian Pengfei v. Adam Wicheard
3) Joe Swail v. Daniel Wells
4) Liam Highfield v. Matthew Couch
5) Andrew Pagett v. Aditya Mehta
6) Li Yan v. Paul Davison
7) Yu DeLu v. Patrick Wallace

8) Kurt Maflin v. Cao Yupeng
9) Andrew Norman v. Igor Figueiredo
10) Ian McCulloch v. Luca Brecel
11) Sam Craigie v. Justin Astley

2) Tian Pengfei v. Adam Wicheard*
3) Joe Swail v. Daniel Wells*
4) Liam Highfield v. Matthew Couch*
5) Andrew Pagett v. Aditya Mehta*
6) Li Yan v. Paul Davison*
7) Yu DeLu v. Patrick Wallace*
*denotes final session of the match

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