Back to school, back to Q School

23:44:00 Ramona Dragomir 0 Comments

The race for getting a place on the Main Tour starts tomorrow, so all the players that want to turn their dream of performing shoulder to shoulder with the stars of snooker into reality are going back to school.

Although is Sunday and many of us are still taking advantage of the weekend, the fun seems to be over for the lads that want to book their place on the Main Tour. The Q School Event One kicks off and with it the snooker "carnage".

The draw is filled with names that ring a bell, names that we know by heart, names that are going to be written in highlights some day, so there's no turning back. This is their moment, their chance to make it happen.

Tomorrow's event is part of the Q School series of three events, each of them lasting for five days and with every match being played under "the best of 7" rule. At the end of each event, four players (the "fight" stops in the quarter-finals) will receive a well deserved place on the Main Tour, place that has a two years “warranty" (aka. for two years the player’s safe to play next to the heavy names in the business).

So long story short, here we go again with snooker. Below you have Day 1 match schedule:

Christophen Keogan v Mitchell Travis
Adrian Ridley v Simon Bevz
Jeff Cundy v Jamie O'Neill
David Gray v Robbie Williams
Mitchell Mann v Michael Wild
Gary Wilson v Matthew Day

Stuart Carrington v Sean O'Sullivan
Jamie Barrett v Paul Davison
Martin O'Donnell v Declan Brennan
Greg Davis v Alex Taubman
James Hill v Jamie Rhys Clarke
Andy Marriott v Kuldesh Johal

James Cahill v Zak Surety
Sam Baird v Kacper Filipiak
Kankan Shamsi v George Marter
Yin Lung Cheng v Allan Taylor
Lee Page v Stephen Groves

Liam Monk v John Astley
Rhys Clark v Marc Harman
Nick Jennings v Charlie Walters
Tom Maxfield v Ashley Wright
Justin Astley v Habib Subah
Reanne Evans v Ross Muir
*all hours are UK time