Q School Event Two 2012 - Four more players join winners' group

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Wells, back on the main
After Martin O'Donnell, Sam Baird, Ian Burns and Chen Zhe proudly graduated from the Q School Event One, it was time to see four more players getting their two-year tickets for the Main Tour, the second event of the series seeing Daniel Wells, Jamie O'Neill, Sean O'Sullivan and Paul Davison joining the gang.

Although Daniel Wells is no stranger from playing next to the big names from the snooker industry, the 23-year-old Welshman from Neath performing in 2008/2009 and 2009/2010 season, the last couple of seasons he was nowhere to be found in the rankings.

Still, that didn't stop him from taking part in the PTC series and obtaining some pretty good results. But having the experience of being on the Main Tour, to just take part in certain events is not the same, so Daniel did his best and regained his position next to the stars.

During Q School Event One he almost reached the quarter-finals stage, but sadly lost by 4-2 to Ian Burns (the player that will go on a grab one of the first four spots on the Main Tour).

However as the second event started, Wells obtained a great reversed 4-2 scoreline in front of Mark Vincent, crashed Josh Boileau 4-0, hammered both Lucky Vatnani  and Ben Jones 4-1, only to end up on a tight 4-3 result against Michael Wasley and earn his well deserved ticket back where he belongs, on the Main Tour.

Also fully aware of what a Main Tour place means is Jamie O'Neill, the 25-year-old Englishman who turned professional back in 2007.

Pink Army's soldier Jamie O'Neill
He experienced the ups and downs of having chosen a career in snooker, but he did it with his chin up and although his start in the Q School series wasn't a very promising one, losing his first match to Jeff Cundy by 4-2, the second try was a luckier one and he managed to transform his dream of playing on the Main Tour into reality.

His first Q School Event Two victory was not an easy one to obtain, the 4-3 scoreline from playing Mohammed Omar saying it all, but it soon became just a bad memory when Jamie won 4-0 over Khizar Raoof.

Then it came the 4-2 victory in front of Duane Jones, another great whitewash of 4-0 by playing against Gary Wilson and finally the glorious 4-2 over Scott Donaldson, scoreline that cemented his place on the Main Tour. 

Often asked if he’s related with the great Ronnie O'Sullivan, Sean O'Sullivan managed to achieve his biggest dream this year and has become a pro.

Sean storms in into the winners' group
Only 18, but with a great cue action and a lot of guts and ambition to succeed, Sean started his journey towards the Main Tour with his left foot, losing by 4-1 to Stuart Carrington in the opening match of Q School Event One.

Still, that didn't stop him and when the second event started he made his big breakthrough. In the same way as Daniel Wells, Sean managed to reverse the 4-1 scoreline in his favour and thus won his first match against Christopher Keogan, result that gave him the confidence he needed to go on and crash Nick Dyson 4-0 and hammer Mohamed Al Shaikh 4-1.

He had a pretty difficult match to play against Michael Wild in the penultimate round, but the lad managed to win it by 4-3, before "going back to base" and closing his Q School journey with a 4-1 in front of a player that had a very good and stabile run, Ryan Causton.

The "veteran" of this graduating team is Paul Davison, a name that many of you know and remember. The player from Pickering put on some quite entertaining snooker shows through the years and after winning his way back into the big league, he's favourite to put on some more.

Paul Davison
Davison took a great start in the Q School Event One, when he almost reached the quarter-finals (he lost 4-3 to Martin O'Donnell), and after that performance it was easily to guess that he won’t give up until reaching and winning the quarter-finals of the Q School Event Two.

The ice was broken with a 4-1 scoreline obtained by playing Rhys Clark and last year's Q School graduated Adam Wicheard, but also by facing both Alex Davies and Adrian Gunnell. The last match saw Davison having to face a player that had a great run thought both Q School events, Gareth Allen, but whom he beat 4-2 in order to win his "shiny" ticket back onto the Main Tour.

The Q School Event Three is underway as you read these lines, on May 29 the last four remaining places on the Main Tour finding their owners.