World Championship 2012 (Day 10) - O'Sullivan and Jones move into last eight

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O'Sullivan moves into quarters
Ronnie O'Sullivan and Jamie Jones are the last two players with a secured spot in the quarter-finals of this year’s World Championship, the three-time world champion beating Mark Williams by 13-6, while the Welshman Jones proved to be a bit too strong for Andrew Higginson and ended the Englishman’s run at 13-10.

To see O'Sullivan in the quarter-finals is not a shock, nor a surprise, as the Essex man had ended the first session against Mark Williams leading the Welshman by 5-3 and the second one by being 11-5 in front.

The last session was opened with a 65 break that was getting Ronnie one step closer to the victory-line, while Williams scrapped his way and pulled back a frame just for the sake of the game with a top break of just 24 points.

One more time Williams gets beat by the Rocket
O'Sullivan was finishing the snooker-deal with runs of 40 and 65 to book himself a place in the next round, where he's meeting with another in-great-form player, Neil Robertson.

Jamie Jones caused another upset, after moving pass Shaun Murphy in the first round, putting an end to another player’s run (who although is not a top-seeded one, has a better position in the system than him 19 v. 36), Andrew Higginson.

Although the lads finished their first session on a tight result of 4-4, the second one was finding Jones in front at 10-6, Higginson's mistakes costing him a lot of frames.

"Kiddo" Jones makes another victim
Still, as the last session started Higginson made the impossible-possible and started his comeback. Breaks of 54, 42, 53 and 41 were levelling the match at 10 apiece as the mid-session interval was kicking off.

But at returning into the arena, things went on exactly as they did in the previous session, Jones regaining his leading position with a break of 50, moving one away from victory with a great 135 clearance and finally ending the match with a top break of 42 points.

Tomorrow, the quarter-finals matches kick off, as it follows:

QF1 Stephen Hendry v. Stephen Maguire
QF4 Ryan Day v. Matthew Stevens

QF2 Jamie Jones v. Ali Carter
QF3 Ronnie O'Sullivan v. Neil Robertson

QF1 Stephen Hendry v. Stephen Maguire
QF4 Ryan Day v. Matthew Stevens

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