World Championship 2012 (Day 11) - Hendry announces retirement after defeat

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Hendry decided to retire from competitive snooker
Stephen Hendry lost by 13-2 to his fellow countryman Stephen Maguire, in the press conference that followed after the match, the Scottish player announcing his official retirement.

Hendry, who dominated the 90s and until now holds the record for winning no less than seven world titles at the Crucible, decided to end his career as a professional snooker player in the place that he loves best and that gave him all those glorious moments, the Crucible.

The player revealed that his decision was taken about three months ago and that no matter how his Crucible journey would have developed this year his decision of giving up snooker is immovable.

As him himself said, it would have been better to exit the tournament on a happier note than to lose by 13-2 to Maguire, but that's how things worked out.

Maguire took an early lead of 7-1 with breaks of 41, 68, 117, 60, 65 and 95, while the second session was won with a series of 67, 72, 68, 125, 61 and 45.
The man who beat Stuart Bingham and John Higgins to reach for the quarter-finals of this years' World Championship was sadly, nowhere to be found in the Crucible arena.

Below you can check Hendry's press conference:


In the other matches, Neil Robertson managed to take a 5-3 lead over Ronnie O'Sullivan after the lads shared frames up until three apiece, Ali Carter applied the same treatment on Welshman Jamie Jones, while Matthew Stevens flew at 11-5 after he had to recover from a 5-3 deficit.

Tomorrow the action continues here at the Crucible with:

QF2 Jamie Jones 3-5 Ali Carter
QF4* Ryan Day 5-11 Matthew Stevens

QF1* Stephen Hendry 2-13 Stephen Maguire (match finished)
QF3 Ronnie O'Sullivan 3-5 Neil Robertson

QF2* Jamie Jones v. Ali Carter
QF3* Ronnie O'Sullivan v. Neil Robertson

*denotes the final session of the match

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