World Championship 2012 (Day 15) - Rocket Ronnie joins Carter in final

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O'Sullivan reaches the final of the WC
After Carter's 17-12 victory from early today, it was Ronnie O'Sullivan's turn to finish the match he started with Matthew Stevens on a 17-10 scoreline and get his well deserved spot in the final.

The match that O'Sullivan and Stevens played was a bit of one-sided one, although in all fairness the Welshman did fight back and those 10 frames he cashed throughout the entire snooker dispute were won fair and square.

Still, O'Sullivan's merciless cue action set the Essex man on a 5-3 scoreline after the first session finished and although Stevens managed to draw level at five apiece during the second one, O'Sullivan was winning the next six frames with breaks of 62, 110, 98, 94 and 113 to go 11-5 up.

Things didn’t seem to look too bright after the third session either, the Rocket using a series of 81, 38, 37 and 39 to go two frames away from victory at 15-9.

Stevens run ends in the semis
At returning into the arena for the last time, "The Welsh Dragon" made a final effort to gain some control of the match with a beautiful break of 116 points, but O'Sullivan replayed with runs of 130 and 35 to end the snooker rendezvous at 17-10.

So from tomorrow on until Monday evening we have a very interesting final to look forward to: Ali Carter v Ronnie O'Sullivan, the lads meeting on the same territory, four years ago, back then the winner being the Rocket, 18-8.

Will the history repeat itself, or shall we see a new king crowned at the Crucible this year? We'll just have to wait and see.

Tomorrow's match schedule:

Ali Carter v Ronnie O'Sullivan  (eight frames)

Ali Carter v Ronnie O'Sullivan (nine frames)

TV coverage:
14:00 - 18:10 BBC Two
16:30 - 17:30 British EuroSport
19:00 - 22:00 British EuroSport
19:00 - 23:00 BBC Two

I remind you that the final is played under the "best of 35" rule for two days.

P.S. Apropos of nothing, if you are interested in  a Barry Hearn documentary, the Beebs (BBC Two) is showing one tomorrow from 18:10 until 19:00. Enjoy you share of Bazza's life.