World Championship 2012 - O'Sullivan crowned Crucible king

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Ronnie O'Sullivan, the 2012 world champion
Ronnie O'Sullivan won by 18-11 over Ali Carter to conquer his forth word title at the Crucible. The Rocket dominated the entire match, beginning to end, and during the last day of the final was constantly supported by his baby-boy, Ronnie Jr. who played a huge role in the after-victory ceremony.

O'Sullivan started his Crucible journey by taking down Peter Ebdon in the first round, continued with Mark Williams, Neil Robertson, Matthew Stevens, only to find himself facing his four-years-ago opponent, Ali Carter in the grand final.

And if four years ago Ronnie was winning by 18-8, this year the history didn't change too much, the Rocket prevailing the 17-days of intense snooker with an 18-11 scoreline over Captain Carter.

Ali Carter, the 2012 World Championship runner-up
With a first session ended on a 5-3 scoreline, O'Sullivan managed to end the second one making the gap even bigger, at 10-7. Carter, the man who had ones of the toughest opponents to face throughout the entire tournament, was really struggling.

The next session saw him trying to come back, when Ronnie was seven frames ahead of him at 14-7, breaks of 105 and 56, narrowing the gap at just four points.

Still, by the end of the frame, the three-time world champion was reaffirming his real intentions of winning the match with a break of 64 for a 15-10 scoreline.
Ronnie Jr is very happy with his dad's victory

Hours later the lads returned into a packed arena where people from all around the world were either waiting for Ronnie to wrap things up, or for Carter to come back and turn tables on his opponent.

A break of 70 points was sending Ronnie two frames away from victory, while Carter just managed to pull back a frame with a 64 break and not finish this last session without making any continuation.

Ronnie sharing the moment of glory with his kid
The last two frames were carefully captured by a flying Rocket with runs of 46 and 61 in order to land on his forth world title.

So, what a season comes to an end tonight! And particularly, what a season Ronnie has had! Won two of the PTC events, won the German Masters and now he won his forth world title. 

Oh, and just a quick note: those things he said about considering to retire? Not a chance in hell! Not for the moment, at least.