Bing is Pink

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Bingham - the 2012 Pink Ribbon champ
Stuart Bingham became the third Pink Ribbon champion after winning 4-0 over Peter Lines. It's been almost an year since Bing won his last tournament (which unlike this one was a ranking one - aka. the Australian Open), but I'm sure this "pinkish" title means as much as the one he conquered last year.

Bingham started his pink journey on Thursday with a 4-1 win over Chris Wakelin, then it followed a hard fought battle of cues with one of the bravest Pink Army's soldiers Mark Davis, whom he beat 4-3,  then he returned to 4-1, this time his victim being Alfie Burden only to end in the semi-finals after a 4-0 victory by facing Gerard Greene.

With three pink soldiers down, Stu didn't seem to find any trouble at all in defeating another one, Mark Allen by 4-0 to book his place in the final.

Here, he meet with Peter Lines, against who he managed to obtain the same 4-0 victory carefully sustained by two century breaks (103 and 131) and a half one (50) in order to lift the third Pink Ribbon trophy after Michael Holt and Mark Joyce.

Stuart Bingham and Paul Mount
And so we see the conclusion of another successful pink event, an event that has all its proceeds going to support Breast Cancer Charities. An event that is looked at with a lot of interest by the players, especially since this year we had a pretty large number of players registering to take part in it.

Congratulations to Stuart Bingham and to all the players that decided to perform in this event putting the idea of rising awareness about a very cruel disease above any financial interests.

Congratulations also to the South West Snooker Academy in front with Mr Paul Mount and his brilliant pink team of soldiers not only for managing to put together their third Pink Ribbon tournament, but also for making the Academy a place where snooker feels at home.

Photos courtesy of Monique Limbos