Pink the Third

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The Pink Ribbon trophy awaits for its new owner
I hope you realise that is that time of the year when snooker goes pink. Back in Gloucester, at the lovely South West Snooker Academy, the players change their dressing code and give up on wearing those black and elegant waistcoats to try something more "girlish" - a pink polo t-shirt.

It's the third year when the Pink Ribbon tournament is taking place, with all its proceedings going to Breast Cancer Charities. A noble cause "sponsored" by the biggest names in the snooker industry and a genuine show not just of snooker, but also of raising awareness over a very cruel disease.

The first edition of the Pink Ribbon tournament saw Michael Holt lifting the trophy, while the second one was almost going to have the same result. Still, in the end, Holt lost the chance to defend his title and Mark Joyce left the venue covered in glory.

What will happen this year? Who's going to be the next Pink champion? Who's going to play snooker, as well as militate for a noble cause by doing so?

During 7 and 8 of June, the amateur rounds will take place, while the next two days are being reserved to the heavy names, the professional gladiators of the green baize.

Maybe the first prize is not a fabulous amount of money (£2,400), but this is not the point here. The point is to have as many participants as possible hence, as much money as possible for charities.

So, where we go with the third edition of the Pink Ribbon tournament. Gooooo Pink!

For more info about the match schedule and who's playing against who, click here.