Q School Event Three 2012 - The last four graduates

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Last week saw the end of this year's series of Q School with Rod Lawler, Michael Wasley, Joel Walker and Robbie Williams being the players to graduate from the third and last event. All four of them got a two-year card on the Main Tour and will delight us with their snooker skills for ... well, quite some time now.

Rod Lawler, the player who saw the day-light about 40 years ago in Liverpool is no stranger from playing next and with the heavy names in the snooker industry, but his rakings and last season results, found him out side the big league, so he needed to get back to school.

He came very close to the finish-line during the Q School Event One, when he lost by 4-3 to Ian Burns in the quarter-finals and got a very ugly start during the second event, losing 4-0 to Michael Wild. Still, he managed to put himself together and win the last battle.

Rod Lawler back in the Main Tour
The ice was broken with a reversed 4-0 scoreline by facing Kevin O'Leary, continued on the same note with James Hill, hammered Elliot Slessor and Jordan Brown by 4-1, only to return to 4-0 during his last match played against Joe Delaney.

The 22-year-old lad representing the On Q Promotions' Pink Army, Michael Wasley has changed his status from being an amateur to being a professional and he almost did it at the end of Q School Event Two, it he hadn’t lost by 4-3 to Daniel Wells.

However, he was decided not to waste his last chance, so during the last event he started by taking down Christopher Keogan, Australia's Vinnie Calabrese, James Cahill and Allan Taylor by 4-2, while his last opponent, Fraser Patrick received the 4-3 knock-out.

Wasley gets to live his dream
Another youngster, this time Joel Walker, also managed to turn his dreams into reality. The English teenager, who in 2010 won the Rileys Future Stars competition, didn't get too far during the first two events, although in all fairness he almost reached the 4th round during Q School Event Two, but when the last one kicked off, the little champion stormed in towards victory.

A 4-1 scoreline by playing Shaun Wilkes opened the road, while another 4-1 against Adrian Ridley, a 4-3 by facing Adam Wicheard and John Sutton and a decisive 4-0 against Justin Astley were securing him a two-year stay in the Main Tour.

Joel Walker will play next to the snooker stars
With a name that makes many female hearts to miss a beat, Robbie Williams has also booked himself a place in the Main Tour.

The 25 year-old who back in 2010 won the Paul Hunter English Open tournament had a very similar evolution with Joel Walker during the first two Q School events, but also saved the best for last.

Robbie Williams Takes That victory
A 4-1 scoreline against Jay Bullen was opening his appetite for winning, while results like 4-1 against Ashley Wright, 4-2 with Adrian Gunnell and the final 4-3 with Mitchell Mann were enough to get him over the line and in the big league.

So, after three events that kept the boys busy for the almost three weeks, the draw looks something like this:

Event One: Martin O'Donnell, Ian Burns, Chen Zhe and Sam Baird
Event Two: Daniel Wells, Jamie O'Neill, Paul Davison and Sean O'Sullivan
Event Three: Rod Lawler, Michael Wasley, Joel Walker and Robbie Williams

Next to them we have the rest of the crew, who is as eager as they are to start the new 2012/2013 season.