The Australian dream starts tomorrow

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"Tomorrow, tomorrow, the sun will shine on Bendigo tomorrrrroooooow" - come on clap your hand and sing it with me! No? Oh well, you can't blame a girl for trying to start a snooker musical, right? 

Anyway, back to serious matters now, tomorrow sees the start of the second Australian Open edition. And with the EURO 2012 and the Wimbledon finished, snooker will definitely get the attention it deserves.

It's true that this edition is a "pour" one regarding the heavy names that entered to play in Bendigo, O'Sullivan still being on a break, while names like Higgins, Williams, Allen, Maguire, Dott and Trump are not to be seen on the draw, but it's not the first time we let the qualifiers and the remaining of the Top 16 players to cross their cues and make the green baize a genuine field of battle.
Because that's what's going to be.

May I remind you that last year we've seen Ken Doherty reach the semi-finals and Matthew Selt practically rocking around the snooker table? Not to mention that the champion, Stuart Bingham was the underdog of the match where he and Mark Williams fought for the trophy.

Last year saw a brilliant edition and a wonderful snooker exhibition and I dare to say this year we shall see it once more.

The Australian fans are eager to see their favourite players in action, Neil Robertson is definitely thrilled to play at home, while Stuart Bingham gets off as the defending champion and one-very-tough-opponent-to-beat if we recall his latest achievements like winning the Pink Ribbon event, the APTC and reaching the final of the Wuxi Classic tournament.

So, if you live on the European continent set your alarm clock really early and start cheering for the lads that are playing until next Sunday in Australia's Bendigo, because they deserve it.

Below you have the first day match schedule:

1) Cao Yupeng v Johl Younger
2) Alan McManus v James Mifsud

6) Matthew Stevens v Liang Wenbo
12) Dominic Dale v Tom Ford

Followed by
15) Stephen Lee v Rory McLeod
4) Andrew Higginson v Ryan Day

10) Neil Robertson v Nigel Bond
16) Ricky Walden v Jamie Cope

 * all hours are local

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