Australian Open 2012 - Day 4

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Local-star Robbo is out
More and more surprises happened during the forth day of the Australian Goldfield Open tournament, local-snooker-star Neil Robertson crashing out of the competition after being beat 5-1 by Mark Davis, at the same time another Top 16 player, Matthew Stevens getting a cruel 5-2 treatment from a very eager-to-win Barry Hawkins.

Yesterday marked Neil Robertson's end of run in his home land tournament, Mark Davis having a lot to do with it.

Although Robbo opened with a break of 88, a huge kick during the second frame stopped him from taking a 2-0 lead, but cleared the way for Mark Davis and his "rain of breaks" (67, 65, 81 and 61) that practically left Robertson not standing a chance.

Also hammered, also out of the tournament was Scotland's Jamie Burnett who lost the cues battle against a pretty determined Marco Fu, whose breaks of 66, 77 and 65 certainly did the trick.

Ebbo keeps on potting for victory
Matthew Stevens and Barry Hawkins got together into a very scrappy affair, the one prevailing in the end being the Shoot-Out champion who is to meet Matthew Selt in the next round.

And since we are on the Matthew Selt subject, the player who during last year tournament had a glorious run seemed that he's back for more victories than ever as he is to be responsible for another exit, this time his victim being Ryan Day.

The lads went hand in hand, step by step up until three apiece but from that point on it was Selt who made it happen as he flew at 5-3 and into the quarter-finals.

Ding Junhui and Peter Ebdon engaged into an epic "fight of cues" with the world champion managing to get the Chinese star into all sorts of trouble.

It was a match that had it all: drama, big breaks, tension, a re-spotted black. The players weren't separated by more than one frame and although Ding forced the decider it was Ebbo's 70 break that sent him into the next round.

Martin Gould also secured himself a spot into the next round as he managed to win 5-4 over Cao Yupeng in a match that saw the biggest break of this tournament, a perfect 143 hit by the Chinese snooker player.
Today the action continues in the quarter-finals with:

29) Shaun Murphy v Peter Ebdon
30) Stephen Lee v Marco Fu

27) Matthew Selt v Barry Hawkins
28) Martin Gould v Mark Davis

*all hours are local time