Australian Open 2012 - the semi-finals

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The final battle is being given between Ebon ....
Yesterday revealed the last two men standing in the Bendingo arena, Peter Ebdon's 6-2 victory over Marco Fu and Barry Hawkins's 6-4 result recorded by playing Mark Davis, getting them a place in today's grand final.

Ebdon seems to be in a great form and the perfect frame of mind as after reaching the semis in a fabulous way, he continued his run defeating one-very-back-to-form Marco Fu by 6-2.

Two consecutive frames were going to enter Ebbo's pocket before Fu could make anything, a break of 108 points guaranteeing his first frame. Still, Ebdon didn't let the Hong Kong man go too far and cashed two more frames to make the scoreline 4-1 in his favour.

None of the two players was ready to give up at this point, not even Marco, so after a frame that lasted about 40 minutes, he managed to enrich his frame collection at two.

It was a good effort, but Ebdon’s runs of 53 and 82 were putting an end to this snooker affair and sending him in the final.

... and Barry Hawkins
One very "pinkish" cues battle was given between Barry Hawkins and Mark Davis, with the first named one winning it by 6-4.

Hawkins was careful enough to highlight his dominance into this match and flew all the way to 3-1, leaving his opponent with a lot to think about as the mid-session interval was kicking off.

After the mini-break though, things changed and the match began to look like a real competition as Davis pulled back two frames to draw level at 3-3 (breaks of 98 and 93).

Hawkins put his nose back in front, this time at 4-3, but again Davis fought back and equalise the situation at four apiece.

However the Shoot-Out champion succeeded to break the pattern and took the next two frames with runs of 67 and 74 to go 6-4 up and get his well-deserved snooker rendezvous with Peter Ebdon.