Déjà vu victory for Mark Selby

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Mark Selby, the 2012 Paul Hunter Classic champ
Mark Selby won 4-1 over a very revived, ready-to-kick-some-arse Joe Swail in tonight's Paul Hunter Classic final, in order to retain the title he conquered a year before when he crashed Mark Davis 4-0.

He's been world number one for quite some time now, but from one reason or another, Selby failed to write his name on any trophies lately. Until now that is.

Fully recovered from his neck injury that kept him away from winning important matches in the previous season and with a brand new attitude (full of confidence, that is), Selby managed not only to win the 2012 edition of the Paul Hunter Classic (also known as EPTC 1), but also to keep the "defending champion legacy" running.

"The Jester from Leicester" started his German journey with a clear and loud 4-0 victory against Sean O'Sullivan, continued with on the same note by facing Gerard Greene, meet up with last year's runner-up Mark Davis whom he once again defeated 4-3 and carried on by reaching the quarter-finals after another tight 4-3 scoreline obtained in front of Robbie Williams.

Ken Doherty didn't stand a chance in front of Selby's fury, a 4-0 result sending the Englishman into the next stage of the competition where the player that knock out great names, Pankaj Advani, was waiting.

Joe Swail, the 2012 Paul Hunter Classic runner-up
But Selby was flying, flying so high that six frames were enough for a 4-2 victory and a place in the final.

Here, Joe Swail, who had the most incredible performance ever and succeed to win no less than eight matches to reach the final, was ready to give it all for the grand battle of cues.

After a tight and crazy-entertaining semi-final played against Barry Hawkins, Joe was in the mood for snooker and when he got the chance he proved it.

But here lies Swail's biggest issue "when he got the chance", because most of the time Selby was careful enough to keep him in his chair.

Breaks of 56, 64 and a scrappy third frame were all written into Selby's account, while Joe only managed to win one frame to prolong the suspense.

However, it must be said that it was won in great style with a beautiful 83 break.

Selby was going to end the match with an ever higher break, an 85 that was sealing his victory at 4-1.

Aiming for the victory
After the match a very happy Joe Swail said it "wasn't bad for an amateur", thus emphasizing the fact that although he was a professional snooker player for years, this season entered into the EPTC Event One as an amateur.

On the red corner, an ecstatic Selby told Rolf Kalb how happy he is to be back on track and how pleased he is to be able to retain the title he won last year in such a marvelous place.

And since we are on the "marvelous" chapter it must be said that that's how Selby was introduced by Rolf, as Mark "Marvelous" Selby. Who can disagree with that?!

I can't end this piece without mentioning one of the most beautiful moments from this year's Paul Hunter Classic tournament and that is Ken Doherty and his first ever 147.

"The Darling of Dublin" has broken the curse of missing the black back in 2000 at the Masters and finally managed to turn every player's dream into a reality by performing a perfect 147.

Here's a big congratulation from 'Snooker, my love' blog!!!