Who's travelling to China for the International Championship?

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I know it, a late article, but a hectic week at the office kept me away from all the heat and the action happening on the green baize.

Still, I haven't forgot about the brand new International Championship from China and its qualifying rounds that took place at the beginning on this week.

So, who broke the ice and will travel to China to be part of the inaugural edition of this event at the end of October (28 until November 4th to be more precise)? Well, let's see, shall we?

A big congratulations goes to the "Pink Army" for they have no less than five players who will cross their cues with the best of the best (aka. the Top 16 players) in China.

Michel White had a brilliant performance recording scorelines like 6-2 over Thailand's best Thepchaiya Un-Nooh, followed by a decisive 6-5 in front of his comrade-in-arms Barry Hawkins.

Cao will play on home soil
The Chinese public will have the chance to be genuinely entertained also by Dominic Dale, whose 6-3 victory against Paul Davison guarantees him a place in the main event, the same happening for Mark Davis who defeated Norway's snooker ambassador Kurt Maflin by 6-2 and for Robert Milkins who denied China's Liang Wenbo the chance to play on his home soil, after a 6-1 scoreline.

Two of On Q Promotions latest "acquisitions", Cao Yupeng and Liu Chuang competed to get a place in the International Championship too, but the dream became a reality only for one of them.

Cao Yupeng managed to get pass Tian Pengfei (ironically another "pink acquisition") with a 6-5 scoreline and defeated both Matthew Selt and Tom Ford 6-3.

Chuang, on the other hand, although obtained a good 6-4 victory in font of Michael Wasley and continued with a 6-2 by playing Jamie Jones, was seen off by legend Ken Doherty, 6-3.

Carter wins the chance to get back on trak
Next in line, all with a 6-3 victory written on their passports, are Ryan Day, who defeated Anthony Hamilton, Andrew Higginson who put on end to David Gilbert's run, Irishman Fergal O'Brien who saw off Mark King and Ali Carter who had to face veteran Dave Harold.

India must be so pound of its player right now, Pankaj Advani managing to get a place in a major ranking event, for the first time since he was handed a place on the Main Tour due to a clear 6-1 victory against Craig Steadman, a trilling 6-5 by playing the "Nugget" of snooker, Steve Davis, a 6-3 scoreline by facing Scotland's Alan McManus and another valuable 6-4 result in front of Michael Holt.

Pankaj Advani get his first ranking event place
Also from India and also with one foot in the plane leaving to China in a month and a half is Aditya Mehta who seemed not to find any difficulty in defeating Michael Lesley and Mike Dunn 6-3, legend Jimmy White 6-5, only to end on a 6-4 with Jamie Cope.

Peter Ebdon is due to return to China, where he won his last ranking title (aka. the 2012 China Open tournament) after beating Nigel Bond 6-5, the same happening for Jamie Burnett  (in 2010 he reached the final stages of the Shanghai Masters) who recorded a 6-3 scoreline against Yu Delu and another 6-3 in front of his fellow-countryman Marcus Campbell.