Shanghai Masters 2012 - the quarter-finals

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Higgins reaches semis
The quarter-finals of the Shanghai Masters 2012 event are over and four players are looking forward to win one more match in order to reach the final, their names being John Higgins, Mark Williams, Judd Trump and Shaun Murphy.

Not only has John Higgins had to fight a heavy cold these days, but the Scotsman had also got to fight against one of the best players in the world during the quarter-finals stage, Ali Carter.

Still, he kept his head straight and used top breaks of 103 and 69 to get a 2-0 advance lead over his opponent who potted his first ball during a very scrappy frame three that he also won.

Another over half century break, this time a 57, was giving Higgins a push towards the victory at 3-1 as the interval was kicking off, but after the 15-minute break Carter came back more stronger and determined, so when the four-time world champion missed a red with the rest at 60, he cleared the table with a 32, that added to his previous 41 break, was winning him the second frame of the match.

Two more runs, of 43 and 35, were also cashed by the Captain Carter who was now dangerously approaching the 4-4 stage, but Higgins interfered in time, a top break of 42 points ending the match at 5-3 in his favour.

With an injured wrist, due to riding and also falling off a motorbike, Mark Williams still found the strength to beat Joe Perry 5-4 in his quest for a place in the semi-finals.

Trump seems unstoppable
The scoreline says it all, for the match was pretty balanced, which was only normal, considering how well both players are performing these days.

So after some heavy break building the inevitable happed and Perry's total clearance of 131 forced the decider.

The first red ball was rolling down the pocket and the cue ball screwed back and touched Perry's tip, the Pink soldier calling a fall on himself, although both Mark Williams and the referee didn't notice it. From that point on, the Welshman was unstoppable, a break of 75 points guaranteeing him the victory.

Shaun Murphy hit in breaks of 50, 72 and 84 to obtain a beautiful 5-1 victory over Stuart Bingham and he’s now he's facing a fellow-world-champion in the semis, John Higgins, while Judd Trump continued his beautiful run and got a 5-4 victory over a very tenacious Graeme Dott, who although was lead 4-1 managed to came back into the match in time for a decider.

Tomorrow the semis kick off, the first two players to get six frames under their belt, getting a place in the grand final.

Judd Trump v Mark Williams

John Higgins v Shaun Murphy
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