Nigel Bond wins World Seniors Championship

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Nigel Bond proudly showing his new title
Snooker's 007 Agent, also known as Nigel Bond won 2-0 in front of Tony Chappel, in order to win the World Seniors Championship and with it the title of world champion. 

Although the Englishman was far from his best, he managed to record the performance of not losing one single frame throughout the entire event and was always one step ahead of his opponents.

One by one, Bond's opponents dropped life flies, the first one being the 1985 world champion Dennis Taylor, followed by legend Tony Knowles and defending champion Darren Morgan, all of them being defeated with the same 2-0 scoreline.

In the grand final the 2011 Shoot-Out champion met with Welshman Tony Chappel, whose performance through the entire competition was definitely a great one if we take into account that he hasn't played professional snooker in quite some time (more precisely since 2001, when he retired).

Tony Chappel in action
The first frame could have gone either way, as both player had plenty of chances and at one point, event similar breaks of 33, but in the end Nigel was the one who sunk the black and broke the ice for 1-0.

The same Nigel Bond was going to open the scoreline in the second (and last frame, for that matter), only that this time he was going to dominate clearly with runs of 33 and 28, for a clear 2-0 victory.

This is the second year when a player who needed to qualify for the event wins the title, the first one being Darren Morgan who amazed us all in 2011 with a 2-1 scoreline in front of "The Nugget" Steve Davis, to take the trophy.

The 007 Agent of snooker
And so, Nigel Bond sees himself with a not-too-shabby world champion title and a cheque of £18,000 after a weekend of playing with the stars.

His opponent, Welshman Tony Chappel is going home with £8,000 and with beautiful memories of crossing his cue with players like Tony Drago (2-1), Alan Robidoux (2-0) and Dene O'Kane (2-1).

Congratulations to all the players involved in this tournament and many thanks for reviving the golden era of snooker for two days.