International Championship 2012 - Trump and Robertson reach grand final

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The smiling World Number One, Judd Trump
Two days were necessary for the semi-finals to take place and two names were selected to step into the grand final: Judd Trump and Neil Robertson. 

Trump had an easy victory of 9-1 over Peter Ebdon, to have his ticket to the final ready on time, while the 2010 world champion, Neil Robertson had to face a not-so-easy-to-beat Shaun Murphy, in a match that ended on a 9-5 scoreline.

The last two days of cue-crossings taking place in China's Chengdu were massive. Massive because each of the four players wanted to reach the final, but also because for one of them going through to the next round also meant being the new world number one.

Of course that the man in question is Judd Trump, this new breath of fresh air that has given modern snooker such a burst and has had such a major impact on how the sport is seen.

It was with a rain of breaks, of 61, 55, 68, 53 (twice), 51 and 63 that Trump established a demolishing victory of 9-1 over poor Peter Ebdon, in his quest of a place in the final and a proud World No 1 spot.

Head down, Ebdon admits the defeat
And so the 23-year-old lad from Bristol becomes the 10th player in snooker's history to reach on the top on the mountain. 

On the other semi-final, Neil Robertson didn't have a very easy target in the person of Shaun Murphy, but in the end he managed to take control of the match and win by 9-5.

The Australian found himself being led 3-1 by an eager-to-win Murphy, but he woke up from the dead soon enough to close the first session in charge of the situation at 5-3, by hitting in breaks of 142, 87 and 68.

"The Magician" tried his luck and pulled one back, to which Robertson replayed with a 91 for a 6-4 lead, so Murphy battled again to be just one frame away from his opponent, this time though "The Thunder from Down Under" striking for good.

Robertson happy to reach the final
The following three frames all entered into Robertson's account, Murphy not being given any choice but to surrender and shake hands with his opponent.

So tomorrow, the big final awaits for a champion: a champion that could very easy be the new world number one who hasn't won a ranking title in China since the 2011 China Open, or could just as easy emerge from down under since a title in China is something he's been craving for.

What's going to be? The answer is being shown LIVE to you from 6am and 11.30am, on British EuroSport 2, the first player to catch 10 frames being declared the winner of the International Championship.