UK Championship 2012 - Day 5

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I don't think it would a better word to describe the last four of the Last 16 round, other than "long", but considering what is as stake, who can blame the players?!

So, it might have taken Neil Robertson, Mark Selby, Luca Brecel and Mark Davis quite some time to safely land in the quarter-finals, but a snooker player has to do, what a snooker player has to do.

John Higgins v Mark Davis

A thrilled Mark Davis
A scrappy snooker affair that proved once more that even if you hit a maximum break, there's no guarantee you'll be winning the match too - that's the story behind this encounter in short.

Higgins' form was a poor one, as he himself admitted after the match was over, while Davis had a lot of confidence in his playing scheme and kept on fighting even when the odds were against him.

So with just a top break of 61 points, Davis was ending the first session with a 3-1 lead, lead that he maintained, even after Higgins pulled one back, with two beautiful tons of 106 and 103 to go 5-2 up.

But then, Higgins made his move, a move that would bring the four-time world champion and extra-cheque of £10,000 and another of £3,500 for the highest break of the competition (if his record is not equalled), for the magnificent 147 he hit during frame eight.

And it seemed like this bought the Scottish player some confidence, as he continued his comeback plan with a top break of 72 to force the decider at 5-5. Sadly when he had the chance to clear up for victory, he missed the pink off its spot, in an attempt to obtain a good position for the black, Davis winning, by 6-5.

Luca Brecel v Mark King

Brecel adds more more victory to his great collection
The 17-year old lad from Belgium made yet another victim and confiscated Mark King's crown with a 6-4 final result.

Although Mark took a good and solid start for a 3-1 lead, Brecel was sure to perform a brilliant comeback by firing in runs of 65 and 75 and even put his nose in front with an 80 break.

King put his foot down and took his chances in frame eight as to make the scoreline go 4-4, but for Luca it was just one of those days when you don't feel the pressure and you just keep doing your thing. And he did his thing, hence won the match with just a  top break of 42 to capture the last two frames.

Mark Selby v Ryan Day
Selby gets his cue in the QFs

This snooker encounter had the most unwanted start ever: a 45 minutes first frame that also included a re-rack. Still, by the end of the first session, Day managed to squeeze past his opponent and go 3-1 up.

Not at his best, but clearly wanting to make a statement that he's trying, Selby pushed his boundaries and not only succeed in drawing level, but also managed to go one step away from victory, at 5-3, using breaks of 99 and 103.

Day had one last attempt to stop him as he pulled one frame back, but Selby was sure to end the snooker encounter with a run of 51, for a 6-4 scoreline.

Robbo strikes again

Neil Robertson v Barry Hawkins

Robertson beat Hawkins 6-2 to book himself a place in the quarter-finals, although he didn't perform as well as he did against Tom Ford.

However, with just a top break of 57 points he went 3-1 up at the interval and after Hawkins' win in frame five, he used just two breaks, of 67 and 49, to clear his way to the next round, where he's meeting with Mark Selby.