Selby strikes again and wins Munich Open

01:14:00 Ramona Dragomir 0 Comments

One very happy Selby taking photos with his brand new trophy
Mark Selby took the best possible start that a player could wish for by winning 4-3 over Graeme Dott in the final of the 2012 Munich Open (or EPTC 6 - for les connoisseurs).

It's been less than a month since the same 'Jester from Leicester' was proudly lifting that shiny (and my I add the best-looking trophy ever) in York, after beating Shaun Murphy 10-6 in order to win his first UK Championship.

And not that his current victory comes as a shock, since we all know he's back in business and got a bit of his long lost confidence back, but one can't overlook the fact that one victory after another, is quite an achievement.

Not such a happy Terrier, Dott had to settle with second place
I also feel oblige to add a few good words about his final opponent, for Graeme Dott has really managed to get some form going on. He won no less than four matches before reaching the grand final and played some pretty amazing snooker. Sadly for him though, in the end it just didn't happen.

It was with just a top break of 53 that Selby was breaking the ice and took the first frame, but Graeme’s response came right away as he drew level with runs of 35 and 27.

A scrappy affair put Selby back in charge, but this time Dotty was sure to make a difference and not only did he win the next frame (with a terrific break of 106 may I add), but also added one more, you know ... just for the sake of it, to make it 3-2.

The final touches to making the winning break
But Selby is a real shark when it comes to comebacks and this was the perfect opportunity to prove it. His opponent was one step away from winning the tournament, so all the pressure was there.

With a break of 72 Selby managed to force the decider, while a 90 was sending him straight on the podium with a fancy and shiny trophy in his hands.

Must be something with winning in Germany, for Selby's Munich Open is actually his third minor-ranking event title won here, after two consecutive Paul Hunter ones. 
Getting attached are we? Well no wonder, since the German crowds have always been receptive to snooker and this tournament has prove it once more.

So with such a great start, one can only wonder what’s next on Selby’s wish-list of winnings?