World Championship Day 1 - Rocket Ronnie lands on victory

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O'Sullivan returns to snooker
The first day at the Crucible and the reigning champion, Ronnie O'Sullivan has managed to perform "like he's never been on a break" (this expression was used on many occasions by both Dennis Taylor and John Virgo). But putting that aside, no-one can say that the Rocket hasn't flown in Sheffield today.

The scoreline of 10-4 stands as a confirmation of the fact that the Englishman still loves this crazy game of snooker. However, it's also fair to state that his opponent, the Scottish Campbell hasn't managed to put enough pressure on him. 

Everything started with a great break of 82 points, to which Campbell responded with a 40 to draw level at one apiece. But that was about it, for the Rocket cruised almost undisturbed at 5-1, with runs of 56, 64, 25 and 85.

Marcus Campbell
Marcus had a huge chance to make a difference during frame four, when he hit a considerable break of 55, but unfortunately wasn't able to capitalize, as well as in the very following frame (that lasted for about 40 minutes) and where due to a miss green, O'Sullivan was able to clinch it on the black.

Still, the Scottish player managed to pull back a frame with breaks of 54 and 41, although the first session ended on 7-2 thanks to a 58 from O'Sullivan.

The evening came very quickly and so the match resumed with the Englishman needing just three more frames to get a place in the Last 16.

Reigning champ in action
However, Campbell (although fully aware that a comeback in these conditions, would be quite impossible) wasn't going to let him win so easily so after the Rocket grabbed two more frames with a great 102 break and a terrific 90, the Scotsman used a scrappy 12th frame to trail 9-3 and a break of 53 to go at 9-4 as the interval kicked off.

15 minutes later O'Sullivan entered into the arena with a single thought on his mind: to finish this off as soon as possible. And he did, with just a break of 40 points for a 10-4 victory and a secured place in the 2nd round.

But even though the attraction of the day was the "return of the prodigal son", we still had quite a feast of snooker at the other tables.

Holt is smiling, but today wasn't a good day for him
For example, Ricky Walden and Michael Holt. What a match! Walden is well known for not winning at the Crucible, but this time I think he stands a chance, for the first session against Holty ended on his favour at 8-1.

With runs of 76, 55, 140 and 78 Ricky secured himself an easy starter for tomorrow's match when Holt will have to try his best to catch up with him.

Shaun Murphy got together with Martin Gould in a snooker encounter that ended on a 5-4 partial result. 

Things started intense from the very first frame, when Gouldie hit a 72 to break the ice and won the next frame too, Murphy "magically" drawing level as soon as possible and hitting an 112 to take the lead at 3-2.
A sort-of-rusty Welsh Potting Machine

And on a note of  "one takes the lead, the other one draws level" the lads ended up on 5-4, in favour of Murphy.

At the near table Crucible debutant Jack Lisowski was meeting Barry Hawkins in a match where experience said it all, the Hawk getting on a 6-3 partial result, even though Jack has important contributions of 82 and 100.

The last match of the day featured a rusty Mark Williams and an eager-to-win Michael White, match that saw its first session end on a 5-4 result.

White got on a terrific start, breaks of 87 and 53 putting him 2-0 up, before Williams could hit a 56 in order to win his first frame of the day.

Crucible debutant M.White puts quite a pressure on MJW
The interval found the same White in charge of the situation, at 3-1 after a 67 break, only after a 15-minute break and a 4-1 scoreline, the "Welsh Potting Machine" starting to seriously disturb some balls.

Runs of 34, 71 and 54 seemed to be enough for Mark to regain his confidence back, although his game was scrappy, slow and kind of rusty from time to time.

White closed with breaks of 45 and 38 for a 5-4 lead, lead that will give him a good start for when this match re-starts, tomorrow after-noon.