(The) Ronnie, the snooker and the telly

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"Mum, I'm on the telly!"
He is cute, he is bad, he is a genius and he is mad, but he is also incredibly talented and can perform like no other on the dearest green baize – because he is Ronnie O'Sullivan.

With a cue action that motivates even the invalids, this guy keeps the entire planet on its tenterhooks when enters into the arena. Will he be in the mood for playing some cracking stuff, or will he be in the mood to throw in the white towel over his face and look lost at the table?

The fun part with Ronnie is that one never knows, but that's his unique and personal charm, what’s kept him in the people's mind and soul over the years, since he's been pocking those colourful balls on the snooker table.

With a record of bad manners and scandals, but also with one that not many could brag with, the Essex-man winning no less the five world titles, four UK trophies, five Masters, hitting 12 maximum breaks, making the fastest 147 in the history of mankind (5 minutes and 20 seconds) and the list could carry on, there's no wonder that the EuroSport Channel contacted O'Sullivan and named him "global snooker ambassador."

And since Barry Hearn's efforts to revive snooker are starting to show, the sports channels are beginning to see the opportunity of giving more space and more importance to the game of snooker.

Either we like it or not, at the moment, Ronnie is the player that everyone is talking about (much deserved to be honest) and considering his latest performance and the second book he's released (a book that talks about his demons as well as passion for snooker), it's only natural to see more of him and for promoters to use (I know, it's a nasty word) him as a model and inspiration for the snooker lovers around the world.

The Rocket at work
But EuroSport didn't stop in just naming Ronnie snooker ambassador, and gave the man a TV show that will start Tuesday (March the 25th) on the "home of snooker" as the call themselves, a show named "The Ronnie O'Sullivan Show".

The programme will feature Ronnie's thoughts on the current season as well as ways to improve one's snooker skills, tips & tricks if you like for the future snooker stars.

So, even if you're a fan of the Rocket, or just a snooker fan, you better turn on your telly this Tuesday from 12:30 (but also from 22:30) UK time, for British EuroSport 2 is showing the Rocket doing the talk but also the walk.

Until then, though here’s a teaser for what will happen during the show and the TV intro: