2014 World Championship (Day 3) - Ding puts Crucible dream on hold

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Dream over for Ding Junhui
The third day of this wonderful Crucible delight and the shockers are beginning to show - Ding Junhui, the one that we all have seen as the future Crucible king has left the competition defeated by the Crucible-debutant Michael Wasley after a tremendous cues-battle.

The lads ended their first session with Ding in charge at 6-3, but Wasley started the second one full of confidence firing in breaks of 135 (total clearance) and 44 to draw level at six apiece.

Ding fought back as usual and with runs of 73 and 64 re-took control of the match, at 8-6. This was getting interesting.

The 24-year old lad from Gloucester didn't give up so easily and pulled back two consecutive frames, for both of them his biggest break being a 41 one, in order to stay side by side with Ding.

Amazing Wasley
Minutes before the match would be suspended (the players took their time in finishing their final session and Selby v. White match had to start), Ding put his nose back in front by winning a tough encounter finished on the green and brown.

Late in the night, these two masters of the green baize returned to finish their rivalry, Wasley being the one to force the decider with an amazing 103 break!

The last frame was a very tough and close battle of cues that lasted over 40 minutes, in the end the one prevailing it being the youngster, Michael Wasley who won on a final result of 10-9.

Another interesting match that saw a lot of twist and turns was the one featuring the likes of Joe Perry and Jamie Burnett, who ended their first session with the Scotsman in the leading position, at 6-3.

Joe Perry to meet the Rocket
Joe started the battle at full speed, runs of 87 and 70 bringing hope for a complete comeback, although what happened next was a typical case of scrappiness.

With a top break of 35, Perry drew level at 6-6, while the next frame (won on the black) put in the lead for the first time since being 3-2.

Two more frames were added to Perry's account (which actually means a total of six consecutive frames!) the OnQ Promotion's player being now just one away from victory, when Burnett seemed to have woken up from the dead and hit a great 111 to pull back a frame!

But it was a bit too late for a comeback, Perry using a solid 81 break to seal his victory at 10-7 for a special meeting with the Rocket - Ronnie O'Sullivan in the second round.

Selby is through to the next round
More drama to follow up next, as Mark Selby and Michael White decided to go hand in hand up until the last playable frame!

The morning session saw a very determined Selby who almost flew all the way to 3-0 (breaks of 88, 57 and 43 included) before White made room for him and his talent (although his biggest break was a 41 one), to end the snooker love affair by trailing 5-4.

As the last session began, Selby used breaks of 78, 68, 51 and 42 to go 8-4, before White could react and started his comeback.

And just like before, his comeback although not consisting in considerable breaks (he only recorded a 42 and a 62 clearance), was quite enough to put him on the same step as Selby, at 8-8.

Michael White put Selby in quite some trouble
The next two frames were shared, White being the one to force the decider, but Selby make the most of the given chance and scored a break of 57 to draw the line at 10-9, in his favour.

An out-of-form John Higgins met with his fellow-countryman and friend, Alan "The Angle" McManus, whose tartan trousers became all the range at the Crucible, their first session ending with Alan leading by 6-3.

Although Higgins proved to make the most of the first frame, his opponent made the most of the following SIX frames with top breaks of 87, 47, 32 and 74 to go 6-1 up!

Meanwhile, Higgins was all over the place, trying to make no less than two 147s and failing both times, his first attempt also costing the frame, as the Scotsman missed the black on 49.

Alan McManus and his tartan lucky trousers
However, as the session was coming to an end, Higgins managed to pull back two frames, with a bit of help from runs of 80 and 57, to trail 6-3.

Ricky Walden and Kyren Wilson ended their first session on the same 6-3 result, Kyren taking off by using breaks of 137, 81 and 50 to land on a 3-1 scoreline, before his opponent registered runs of 44, 48 and 74, not only to draw level, but also to take the lead, at 6-3.

Tuesday's full schedule:

Marco Fu v. Martin Gould
John Higgins 3-6 Alan McManus (the winner with play against Ken Doherty)

Barry Hawkins v. David Gilbert
Judd Trump v. Tom Ford

Ricky Walden 6-3 Kyren Wilson 
Mark Allen v. Michael Holt