2014 World Championship - Rocket meets Jester in final

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I have my eyes on the 6th world title!
It's an old time snooker love affair what's starting today, as Ronnie O'Sullivan is meeting with the man who took his time into reaching the final of the most prestigious snooker event on the planet - Mark Selby; for a splendid two-day snooker marathon - also known as the final of the World Championship.

The reigning champion found no difficulty whatsoever into booking a nice and comfy seat in the final for the third consecutive year, as he trashed Barry Hawkins in the semis by 17-7.

Not only this match has been a repeat of last year's final, when Ronnie beat Barry by 18-12, but it also was a brilliant victory, as the Essex-man finished the job in just three sessions!

O'Sullivan took control of the first session with 6-2, ended the second at 11-5 and only let Hawkins add two more frames in the third, as he wrapped up and sealed his victory at 17-7.

Selby celebrating his victory over Robertson
On the opposite corner Mark Selby took his time into booking his place in the final, as his match against the world number one, Neil Robertson and also the one who managed the unthinkable and made 100 century breaks this season, was almost to finish with a decider.

From the very beginning of the match Selby imposed his cue style and retained a two-frame advantage for most of the time, the first session ending with the Jester in the leading position at 5-3, while the second was finished on the same pattern, at 9-7.

However, things changed during the third session, when even if Selby took the first frame with a marvellous 104 clearance, Robertson fought back and succeeded into making a full comeback by using runs of 86, 29 and 36.

Neil Robertson
The mid-session interval that followed, proved to be quite relevant for the Jester who stormed into the match and re-opened the two frame lead with breaks of 73 and 49. 

Still, the session ended with the lads locked at 12-12, as Robbo fired in breaks of 64, 37 and 40 to set up a cracking last session late in the night.

When returning into the arena, Robertson broke the pattern and with a solid 74 break took control of the match for the second time since the beginning of the semi-final, although minutes later Selby and his set of breaks (86 and 47) were turning tables at 14-13.

Congrats from a mate
As the interval was about to kick off the Australian used a strategic 53 to draw level at 14 apiece, letting all of us believe that this will definitely end in a cracking decider.

But it wasn't to be, as Selby quickly regained control of the match after the 15-minute break, runs of 77 and 54 throwing him one away from victory and although Robertson managed to pull back a frame with a great 108 break, it was Selby's 74 from frame 32 that sealed his victory and booked him a place in the final.

Selby trending on Twitter UK
So this is it lads and lasses, the moment we all have been waiting for: the grand final! The snooker marathon is almost over, you can feel emotions running wild at the Crucible, the cues have been polished, goals have been targeted, revenges have been set and snooker is ready to take over everyone's hearts and souls.

As for who is going to win this year, yes we all know Ronnie is favourite and we all know he wants his 6th world title that equals with the ones that Ray Reardon and Steve Davis hold and yes we all remember this year's Masters final when Ronnie played Selby like no other; but still I like to hope for a balanced final, a cracking one, one that will give me headaches and will make me bite my nails.

A remember the 2011 final between Higgins and Trump and the fact that when it was over I felt I have been drawn of energy because that's how intense it was. I want that kind of final from these two!

Final schedule:

1st session starts Sunday from 2pm
2nd session starts Sunday from 7pm
3rd session starts Monday from 2pm
4th session starts Monday from 7pm