2014 Ruhr Open - Maximum whitewash from Murphy

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Shaun Murphy - the 2014 Ruhr Open champion
Shaun Murphy whitewashed Robert Milkins by 4-0 in tonight's Ruhr Open final to win his second European event title this season. And because "The Magician" is ... well, a magician he also hit a beautiful 147 in the process. Just for us the crazy kids in love with snooker.

The entire tournament Murphy seemed very composed and focused with one single thing on his mind - utter and total victory. So Sunday night the Fairy Godmother of Snooker make his wish come true in a one-sided final that finished in less than one hour an a half.

Although Robert Milkins seemed pretty determined from the very first frame, an early mistake caused more damage than expected - a missed black to the left pocket - offering Murphy the chance to come to the table and hit a nice and steady 66 break in order to win the opener.

Robert Milkins - the 2014 Ruhr Open runner-up
The next frame was a genuine delight for all the snooker fans, because Shaun managed to finally hit a 147 break (he had various attempts throughout the tournament: no less than two today and three yesterday) thus becoming the first player ever to score three maximum breaks in one single year!

Needless to say that "The Magician" was over the moon, punching the air, while the crowd gave him a standing ovation and Robert a heartfelt hug. This is actually Shaun's forth max break in his career as a professional snooker player. 

However, even if the moment was filled with a lot of pressure and emotions the Englishman didn't lose his composure and continued to cruise towards victory, ending with runs of 62, 30 and 58 for a crystal clear 4-0 final result.

Shaun celebrating his very special 147
An overexcited German crowd applauded its champion, while at home we did the same, not forgetting to dream with over eyes over the second most prestigious and important ranking event in the snooker calendar - the UK Championship due to kick off this Tuesday and from Saturday on, on the telly.

In the end I must point out that Shaun looks very fit. Sure that he could have looked like that for quite some time now, but I haven't seen a snooker match in ages - a piece of information you hardly want to hear about - but you all know I like to over share with you lot!

See yaa in York!